Writers, historians react to Mexico’s demand for an apology from Spain

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s letter to King Felipe VI draws ire, amusement and perplexity on both sides of the Atlantic

Trump’s america

“I never felt as though I was on Trump’s deportation list”

Although deportations from the United States have dropped, there has been a spike in arrests of migrants with no criminal records


Mystery surrounds “kidnapping” of Spanish woman in Mexico

Pilar Garrido was taken at gunpoint on July 2, says her husband, but nobody is asking for ransom

Murder of journalists

“The abnormal has become normal in Mexico”

Angry colleagues of murdered Mexican journalist Javier Valdez march to protest his death


Fifth journalist killed in Mexico in just two months

Radio host was gunned down on Saturday night after ending his music and poetry program


Mexico blast survivor: “I couldn’t feel the blood, but the wound was shocking”

A car mechanic recounts how he narrowly escaped death in the fireworks market explosion on Tuesday


How a Mexican town cut illegal loggers down to size

The indigenous community of Cherán has taken back control of its forests and its future


‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s son released unharmed, says family

Rival cartel accused of kidnapping jailed drug kingpin’s son as part of turf war


Mexican sports tsar’s tweet brings him Olympian storm of criticism

Alberto Castillo suggested synchronized divers in Rio were “punished” by International Swimming Federation

Latin America

Remains found of two of five missing youths taken by Veracruz police

Youngsters disappeared after they were loaded inside a patrol wagon following a weekend trip

Latin America

Family seeks justice in Mexico over Spanish Civil War crimes

Anais Huerta wants Mexican prosecutors to investigate the 1936 murder of her great-uncle


Mexican families in need seek ways to outwit medical marijuana laws

Parents of epileptic children are buying contraband cannabis syrup despite a legal ban Judge issued exemption for couple in Monterrey while Senate debates legislative reform

Latin America

Mexico’s Senate begins medical marijuana debate

Ruling PRI party lawmaker seeks to change the country’s import laws for epileptic patients