Andalusia regional government lays out plan for evicted squatter families

Officials want Seville authorities to make empty homes available for ex-La Utopía residents


Finance minister extends working mothers’ monthly €100 check

Montoro says corporate tax reductions and lower levies on savings are also in the pipeline


Still Rolling

High ticket prices and an ageing line-up are not enough to curb Spaniards’ enthusiasm for the Stones

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Gay Chilean man dies after beating

Wladimir Sepúlveda, 21, had been in a coma since October The case is the second hate crime death to shock the country in the last two years

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Unasur mission hopes to initiate Venezuela peace talks

Jailed opposition leader López claims charges filed against him are part of Maduro’s persecution


Driven to distraction by the decibels

The Ombudswoman is calling on the government to tackle excessive plane, train and road noise The problem can cause major health issues, but agencies say there are no funds to deal with it


Ungovernable Venezuela

All calls for dialogue are coming up against a lack of political will to find common ground

Civil Guard busts ring that planned to export missile-making equipment to Iran

Three Spaniards and one Iranian arrested in Operation Terracotta

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Costa Ricans vote overwhelmingly for liberal party candidate

Voters punish outgoing President Chinchilla for her economic policies


Saying one thing and meaning another

The death of Adolfo Suárez is being used to spread old lies about the king's role in the failed coup

Royal Household dismisses coup accusations

New book accuses King Juan Carlos of plotting to overthrow prime minister Adolfo Suárez in 1981


Mystery protestor interrupts three live TV shows in one week

Man denouncing CIA plot highlights security lapses that labor unions attribute to budget cuts

immigration crisis

Morocco asks Spain for funds to help with on-the-spot deportations of migrants

Rabat hails improved bilateral cooperation and says it is doing all it can

Worst weekend of the year so far sees 20 deaths on Spain’s roads

National traffic authority reports a total of 15 incidents Four adults killed and two children seriously injured after vehicle veers off road in Granada