Morocco says it prevented 70,000 attempts at irregular migration in 2019

Increased security deployment has played a key role in reducing arrivals on Spanish shores


Spain’s foreign minister travels to Morocco amid territorial water dispute

Rabat’s decision to pass laws appropriating an area near the Canary Islands encroaches on Spanish maritime borders at a spot that is rich with a rare mineral


Report: The return of ISIS fighters threatens European security

A new study explores how Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia are dealing with hundreds of returnees, and what effect this could have on the European Union


Moroccan police subject transvestite to online humiliation

A Marrakesh cross-dresser is seeking asylum in Europe after being arrested and then named and shamed on social media


More than 700 migrants make violent border crossing into Ceuta

Homemade blow torches and quicklime were used to get past officers and into the Spanish exclave in North Africa


Morocco’s diminishing interest in learning Spanish

The number of students studying Spanish in Morocco has dropped drastically


Spanish activist in Morocco plagued by accusations of human trafficking

The case was opened by Spanish police after numerous calls by Helena Maleno to sea rescue services

Morocco's fight against Islamism

Terror attacks in Barcelona put spotlight on Morocco

Eleven of the 12 men involved in last week’s killings were from the North African country

Islamic radicalization

“My grandson wasn’t brought up in Morocco”

Grandparents of one of the suspects in the Barcelona attack insist he was not radicalized at home


Incursions at Spain’s North African exclaves triple after Moroccan threats

Sources at border complain Rabat is not cooperating in controlling border crossings

Western Sahara conflict

Morocco fetes 40th anniversary of Green March into Western Sahara

King Mohammed will travel to Laâyoune to announce important measures for the region


How Spain halted the flow of migrants from Mauritania to the Canary Islands

Economic aid, diplomacy and joint police action have helped stop the people traffickers

Latin America

Diego Lagomarsino: “I don’t know why my prints aren’t on that gun”

The IT expert who loaned Argentinean prosecutor Alberto Nisman his pistol talks to EL PAÍS

Latin America

Thousands join silent march in Argentina to remember prosecutor

Heavy rain didn’t dissuade demonstrators from taking to streets to honor Alberto Nisman

Latin America

Argentina asks US to focus on Jewish center bombing during Iranian talks

But Washington states discussions with Tehran will not stray from “nuclear issues”

Latin America

Tensions heighten in Argentina after presidential inquiry reactivated

New prosecutor decides to maintain Kirchner as official suspect in cover-up case

Latin America

Argentinean prosecutors plan “silent” march to honor dead colleague

Forensic experts discover second DNA sample in Alberto Nisman’s apartment

Latin America

Judge selected to investigate cover-up allegations against Argentinean leader

Daniel Rafecas’ appointment comes after three colleagues declined to take the case


Nisman did not trust his bodyguards, says friend who loaned him gun

Large crowds turn up for Argentinean prosecutor's funeral in Buenos Aires

Latin America

Argentinean president to dismantle top intelligence agency

Fernández de Kirchner blames service for complaint dead prosecutor filed against her

Latin America

Prosecutor’s death casts suspicion on Argentina’s most feared spy

Nisman filed charges against president in retaliation for agent's dismissal, officials say

Latin America

Secret entrance and prints found at home of dead Argentinean prosecutor

“The suicide was not a suicide,” says President Fernández de Kirchner


Protests in Argentina over Nisman case

Demonstrators call for investigation into the death of the prosecutor

Latin America

No gunshot residue found on dead Argentinean prosecutor’s hands

President Fernández de Kirchner declassifies files on inquiry into Jewish center bombing

Latin America

Prosecutor investigating Argentinean president found dead

Nisman had accused Fernández de Kirchner of cover-up over 1994 Jewish center bombing

Latin America

Argentina leader accused of cover-up over 1994 Jewish center bombing

Prosecutor says Fernández de Kirchner conspired to hide Iran’s involvement in case

Uruguay’s elections: a lesson in fair play for a region in upheaval

Leftist Tabaré Vázquez, who won an absolute majority, calls in opposition to discuss plans