Kirchner supporters attack judge investigating president’s hotel firm

Argentinean state imposes $350 fine on company for irregularities


Uruguay to choose President Mujica’s successor in November 30 runoff

Frente Amplio and Partido Blanco candidates to face off in second round


Frente Amplio leaders clash as Uruguay election campaign ends

Row comes as polls show Mujica and Vázquez’s leftist coalition could lose presidency


Inflation once again an everyday battle for millions of Argentineans

Government has refused unions’ request for wage rise to mitigate high prices


President of Plaza de Mayo group finally finds her grandson

Estela de Carlotto has located Guido, after the young man underwent DNA testing


Argentina refuses to recognize default status

Judge Thomas Griesa orders the parties to hold further negotiations


Argentina in default, says ratings agency

No deal between “vulture funds” and government, but private banks may still save the day


Argentina has less than a day to avoid defaulting on its sovereign debt

Economy Minister Kicillof exhausts negotiations with “vulture funds”


Argentina: days away from a default

The Fernández administration must reach an agreement with the “vulture funds” by Wednesday


Fernández gets tough on negotiations with “vulture funds”

The country will not sign any other agreement, she warned in a speech on Tuesday


The US judge who has taken Argentina to the brink of default

Thomas Griesa has spent a decade attending to complaints against the Argentinean state

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Argentina to negotiate payments on “vulture funds” with US lenders

The country has a 30-day grace period to pay up and avoid defaulting on its loans

INTERVIEW: Michelle Bachelet

“Abortion will be decriminalized this year”

The Chilean president discusses the first three months of her term and her plans for reform

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Uruguay primaries leave presidential elections wide open

Leftist Tabaré Vázquez and conservative Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou emerge as main candidates Vote is set to be dominated by security and education issues


Bachelet takes first step toward legalizing abortion in Chile

President calls for lifting of ban on pregnancy terminations when woman’s life is in danger


Argentina becomes a Cannes powerhouse

With four films in competition for the first time, the nation’s government and press are celebrating But what has changed to bring its cinema back to life?

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Suspended Argentinean attorney: “They want to use me to discipline others”

José María Campagnoli believes he is the victim of a political persecution campaign The jurist faces dismissal after investigating businessman with close ties to the Kirchners

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Argentinean society’s values questioned after series of lynchings

The beating to death of a suspected purse-snatcher by an angry crowd ignites more mob violence

Argentina’s ‘Mother Courage’ scores victory against sex trade mafias

Susana Trimarco vows to keep fighting after 10 convicted of pushing her daughter into prostitution

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Unasur mission hopes to initiate Venezuela peace talks

Jailed opposition leader López claims charges filed against him are part of Maduro’s persecution

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Argentina’s president planning proposal to regulate street protests

Demonstrators throw man off bridge after he tries to get through a roadblock

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Bachelet takes office for second term as Chile’s next president

Education reform and introducing same-sex marriage seen as her greatest challenges


Repsol pens final compensation deal with Argentina over YPF expropriation

Buenos Aires agrees to pay $5 billion in installments until 2033 through sovereign bonds

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Fernández calls on unions to monitor price controls in supermarkets and stores

Argentinean leader launches full attack on labor groups as economy slumps

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Argentina lifts restrictions on dollar purchases

Government does U-turn on monetary policy in place since the end of 2011


Argentinean president reappears in public after a month’s absence

Fernández de Kirchner attacks her critics for speculating about her health


Chileans give Bachelet a second term as president

Socialist leader obtains the highest number of votes since return to democracy