Tragedy in Málaga

Julen rescue: “No one doubts we will find him and we hope he will be alive”

Tensions are running high as the rescue effort to save the two-year-old who fell down a 100-meter-deep borehole in Málaga on Sunday enters its sixth day

Crime in Spain

Forensic tests show Spanish teacher Laura Luelmo died within eight hours of being attacked

Additional analyses refute early theories that her death could have occurred up to two days after being assaulted by her neighbor in Huelva


Moroccan police subject transvestite to online humiliation

A Marrakesh cross-dresser is seeking asylum in Europe after being arrested and then named and shamed on social media


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 18, 2019


Podemos founders go their separate ways ahead of Madrid elections

Pablo Iglesias confirms party split and says he is saddened by the surprise news that his colleague Iñigo Errejón will run with the Madrid mayor in May

Animal world

Video: Spitting cobra found at Algeciras port in southern Spain

Dockers at the busy shipping hub believe the dangerous reptile arrived aboard a merchant ship

Miscarriage of Justice

How an imposter ruined the life of an Indian immigrant in Spain

Balwant Singh lost his job and residency permit after a criminal assumed his name on a failed breathalyzer test