British armed forces complete military exercise in Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

The four-day mission in the Rock’s vast underground network was aimed at testing soldiers’ ability to fight in “complete darkness”


Faced with depleting supplies, drug traffickers step up violence against police in southern Spain

Over a dozen officers have been injured after being rammed by SUVs driven by narcos who are increasingly “broke and desperate”


Waiting for tourists in southern Spain’s ghost coast

More than 80% of hotels on the Málaga shoreline have closed while Cádiz’s are surviving on 20% occupancy this month

The Spanish narco who wanted to be Pablo Escobar

'El Nata built a more modest replica of the Colombian drug lord's Hacienda Nápoles in the outskirts of Santa Fe in a bid to emulate the notorious trafficker


The Spanish villages raising barriers against the coronavirus

Local authorities in some popular tourist destinations are blocking off access roads with piles of earth and concrete blocks


Meet the migrants helping the homeless in the south of Spain

Once a week, a collective of around 30 foreigners distributes clothes and blankets to people sleeping rough in Jerez de la Frontera in Cádiz province


Gibraltar braces for British general election as Brexit deadline looms

Gibraltarians cannot vote in the polls on Thursday even though the results will have a significant impact on their lives


Smuggling crackdown on Ceuta border leaves porter women in crisis

The decision to clamp down on the illicit traffic of goods from the Spanish exclave city to Morocco is being described as an economic disaster for people on both sides of the crossing


Two “La Manada” members get extra jail time for filming gang rape

Four of the men also stood trial this week over claims they sexually abused an unconscious 21-year-old woman two months before the assault in Pamplona


A quest for chocolate and cheese sparks a mini border crisis in Gibraltar

Local authorities on ‘The Rock’ suspend four border control agents for allowing Spanish Civil Protection volunteers in uniform into the British territory


Gibraltar braces itself for Brexit damage as the divorce approaches

Residents and workers from “The Rock” are facing the possible consequences should the United Kingdom crash out of the European Union on October 31 with concern


Around 150 migrants jump border fence into Ceuta

Dozens were hurt going over the barbed wire, while 11 agents sustained injuries after border crossers used sticks and acid against them, said Civil Guard representatives


Fifteen migrants rescued by ‘Open Arms’ arrive in Spain

Deputy PM deflected criticism about government ’s handling of latest immigration crisis in Europe


“It’s an environmental catastrophe” – the brown algae threatening Spain’s southern coast

Scientists are calling for urgent action against the species, which is hurting the biodiversity in the area as well as the fishing and tourism industry


“Drug traffickers are practically idols in Campo de Gibraltar”

EL PAÍS spoke with public prosecutor Ana Villagómez about the shady underworld of the hashish trade in the south of Spain and what the justice system must do to stop it


With Brexit looming, memories of Gibraltar border shutdown resurface

Communities on both sides are observing the 50th anniversary of Franco’s decision to close all access to and from ‘The Rock,’ and recalling the dramatic effects that it had

Workplace accidents

Spain’s Civil Guard arrests businessmen who stripped uniform off employee to cover up workplace death

The victim, who had no protective clothing or training on how to operate heavy machinery, died while using a forklift


Gibraltar “satisfied” with tax treaty that could remove it from Spain’s blacklist

But business and union leaders are unsure if deal will go ahead due to instability of UK and Spanish governments

Animal world

Video: Spitting cobra found at Algeciras port in southern Spain

Dockers at the busy shipping hub believe the dangerous reptile arrived aboard a merchant ship


The reasons why Cádiz is so cool

Boasting a rich history, great food scene and wild landscapes, the province has been ranked on The New York Times’ list of best trips for 2019


Police crack down on drug dealer mansions in southern Spain

An entire estate filled with villas and swimming pools had been illegally built without a single permit


Killer of Laura Luelmo: “I took her clothes off and I tried to rape her”

Bernardo Montoya, the neighbor of the 26-year-old Spanish schoolteacher, confessed to the crime this morning after lengthy questioning by the authorities


Autopsy reveals Spanish schoolteacher was sexually abused before her murder

Investigators find blood inside the house of Bernardo Montoya, the self-confessed killer of 26-year-old Laura Luelmo


Suspect arrested for murder of Spanish schoolteacher Laura Luelmo

The Civil Guard has detained Bernardo Montoya, 50, in relation to the suspected violent killing of the 26-year-old, who was found dead on Monday in Huelva


Body of 26-year-old teacher found in Huelva; evidence points to violent death

Laura Luelmo went missing last week just shortly after starting a new job. Her corpse was discovered just five kilometers from the house she had rented in a village called El Campillo


Civil servant arrested for leading major drug gang in Campo de Gibraltar

The City Hall worker was one of 47 people caught in a sweeping narcotics bust in the south of Spain


UK to protest Spanish naval ship that played national anthem in front of Gibraltar

London says complaint is over the incursion into Gibraltarian waters, which Spain does not recognize