Flamenco artist Rafael Amargo arrested for drug trafficking

One of Spain’s top dancers and choreographers, he was going to open a new show on Thursday in Madrid


Oldest Shakespeare play in Spain found in Seville

A 1632 edition of ‘The Famous History of the Life of Henry VIII’ had been languishing inside the library of the San Francisco de Paula International School


New documentary breaks silence on Franco-era cop’s culture of torture

In his latest project, director Max Lemcke is giving back a voice to the victims of “Billy the Kid,” one of the dictatorship’s most notorious police officer


Spain’s latest ‘Ecce Homo’: how a botched restoration made global headlines

What was once the face of a shepherdess has been completely disfigured, with the figure now drawing comparisons to Donald Trump

Prehistoric art

The 27,000-year-old cave art found under graffiti in Spain’s Basque Country

Researchers say the bison painting indicates the existence of a shared artistic culture in ancient Europe


José Padilla, legendary DJ who defined Ibiza’s chillout music scene, dies at age 64

The Barcelona-born producer, known for his Café del Mar compilations, was struggling financially when he lost his battle with colon cancer


Medieval Spain: the tale of a missing stone and 11 bodies under a wall

Archeologists digging in a village that was once a center of power find several corpses buried in an unusual location


The Spanish explorer who desecrated graves in the name of science

The 19th-century naturalist Domingo Sánchez spent 13 years in the Philippines, sending back animal and human samples to build up museum collections and exhibitions


A retired police officer’s infallible memory cracks a baffling case of lost treasure in Spain

After watching a TV documentary, Emiliano Fernández provided the clue that solved a 84-year-old mystery involving a priceless Gothic tomb


Madrid’s Teatro Real forced to cancel performance after audience protests lack of social distancing

Patrons in the upper galleries of the theater say that up to 15 people were seated side by side in a row despite the risk of coronavirus contagion


Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia needs ‘miracle’ to meet 2026 completion deadline

Coronavirus restrictions have all but eliminated visits to Gaudí's iconic basilica, which is funded through entrance fees. Officials meant to finish in time for the centennial of the architect’s death


The story of Madrid’s abandoned ‘beach’ for its working class

Built in 1932 in a style reminiscent of Le Corbusier and used by Robert Capa for a famous photograph, the landmark site is in a state of complete neglect after years of payment defaults


Pedro Almodóvar shares preview of new short starring Tilda Swinton

The Spanish director's latest work will premiere at the Venice Festival, which opens on Tuesday amid heightened coronavirus safety measures


Anna Maria: The Spaniard who survived 16 bayonet wounds during the Battle of Manila

In 1945, when she was just a girl, ‘Anita’ watched Japanese troops kill her parents and siblings. But she remembers nothing of what happened in the Philippines, choosing to focus on her second life after the atrocity


Busking for Bizum: Coronavirus pandemic sees street artists swap cash for card payments

Madrileños are increasingly opting to use digital money in the ‘new normality,’ a trend that also applies for the musicians on the corners of the capital


The weekend that the creator of ‘The Wire’ spent arguing with Twitter users about Spain

David Simon got drawn into sometimes bitter exchanges about politics, Franco and the meaning of some choice Spanish phrases after Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias recommended his latest show


On his 60th birthday, Antonio Banderas announces he has Covid-19

The Spanish actor broke the news via his social media accounts, and stated that he is "relatively well, just a bit more tired than usual"


The empowered women of the Spanish Middle Ages

Their role was more complex and varied than the popular stereotypes depicting them as nuns, aristocrats or sinners


New discovery fills gap in Atapuerca’s history of human evolution

Two stone tools found in the world-famous archeological site in northern Spain provide answers about its early inhabitants


The age of exploration: when Africa discovered Spain

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, encounters between African and Spanish kingdoms were largely a relationship of equals


Madrid’s Teatro Real returns to the stage, with a socially distanced production of ‘La Traviata’

After more than 100 days of closure, the opera house pulled off a skilled return, with a full choir and orchestra observing the safety measures necessary in the Covid-19 era


Spain’s Conguitos candy pushed to rebrand ‘racist’ imagery

A campaign has been launched against the political incorrectness of the chocolate brand‘s mascot amid growing support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. EL PAÍS's El Comidista food blog looks at what's changing both in Spain and abroad


Barcelona opera house reopens with a concert for 2,292 plants

The unusual event was meant as a reflection on Spain's three-month lockdown and its impact on human activity


Spanish archaeologists recover new treasure from famed ‘Mercedes’ shipwreck

Thousands of artifacts, including bronze cannons, silverware and candelabras, have been excavated from the frigate which made headlines after a US treasure hunting company removed 600,000 coins from the wreck


Spanish healthcare workers on frontline against Covid-19 win Princess of Asturias Award

The prestigious prize has been collectively bestowed on doctors, nurses and other personnel who fought the pandemic, sometimes "without suitable equipment or material means"


The surprising similarities between the coronavirus and the bubonic plague

New research from the University of Barcelona looks at the parallels between the current pandemic and the disease that swept across the Byzantine Empire 1,500 years ago


The search for Hannibal’s elephants on the Tagus River

Research shows that the town of Driebes in Guadalajara province could be where the battle between the Carthaginians and the Carparthians was fought in 220 B.C.