More unemployment and lower wages: Coronavirus crisis dimming the prospects of young people in Spain

Half of all job losses since the start of the outbreak have happened to adults under the age of 35, who experts say will face the brunt of the economic fallout from the pandemic

Social inequality in Spain

Spain’s broken social elevator: How the crisis damaged upward mobility

It would take a Spaniard born into a low-income family four generations to reach the country’s average income, an OECD report finds


Who does art belong to?

Some of the world’s major museums are refusing to return masterworks to countries that were victims of historical plundering


The Spanish dealer, the Chinese forger and the $80 million art scam

US authorities uncover massive fraud that fooled top galleries and collectors Works by abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock were among those copied


What does Gibraltar live on?

The Rock's economic success is based on a combination of low taxation, online gaming, finance and the controversial practice of refueling ships at sea


Damage from Spain’s crooked dark side

Graft is slowing down any recovery from the crisis, distorting economic development, discouraging youthful enterprise and damaging the country's image internationally


Looking for a living beyond paradise

Andorran Banks are turning their eyes to Spain in the wake of European Union moves expected to unwind the principality’s standing as a tax haven

economic hardship

Making it through the crisis

With the current situation in Spain, it has never been more necessary to save money Many have sought new ways to earn a little extra cash to keep the wolf from the door


“Big stakes in listed firms no longer make any sense for us”

Ignacio Garralda, the chairman of insurer Mutua Madrileña, thinks that free public healthcare is on the way out


Spain’s tarnished brand

A recent spate of corruption scandals has hit politicians and business figures The news could put pressure on the risk premium and slam the brakes on investment


Foreigners help Michelin-starred restaurants weather the storm

Spain's haute cuisine chefs say the top end of the market is doing well The effect of the economic crisis has been minimized thanks to overseas customers


Preparing for a worst-case euro scenario

Firms are reorganizing to limit the damage in the event of European monetary breakup