Marbella, the biggest video surveillance lab in Spain

The southern Spanish city has 85 ultra-high definition cameras that use artificial intelligence software to scan hours worth of footage to identify suspects


Ahead of Spanish election, fake Facebook pages spend €40,000 on ads

Eight sites have been sharing posts criticizing the Popular Party’s political rivals and encouraging abstention on November 10


Facebook removes three far-right networks ahead of Spanish election

The social media pages had more than 1.5 million followers and had accumulated over seven million interactions since the beginning of the year


Ahead of elections, Facebook says it will block unauthorized campaign ads

The social media giant has announced that it has identified the “thousands of profiles” belonging to parties and candidates to urge them to register


I spy: How Android phones keep tabs on our every move

A study by two Spanish academics reveals the scope and lack of control over pre-installed apps


Meet the Spanish engineer behind the world’s first quantum computer

Darío Gil is the new director of IBM Research, which recently unveiled the first commercial device using this promising technology


Pau Ninja: The king of Spanish millennials

Just four years ago, the youngster was working in a sports equipment store. Now he is earning over €100,000 a year thanks to online ventures, and is free to travel the world


No-confidence motion against Spanish prime minister gathers momentum

Mariano Rajoy calls the Socialists “Torquemadas” because of their “inquisitorial approach”

spanish politics

Spanish Congress to debate no-confidence vote against PM this week

Session in parliament will start Thursday, but it is unclear how Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez will secure enough support to get Mariano Rajoy voted out

spanish politics

The reasons behind Spain’s legislative paralysis

New multi-party system and the Catalan crisis are dragging the passage of new laws to an all-time low

Hate crime

Shock in Spain after man murdered for “wearing colors of Spanish flag”

Suspect is grandson of admiral under regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

Crisis in Catalonia

Socialists call on government for full explanation of Russian interference in Catalonia

Congressional group requests appearance of Deputy PM Sáenz de Santamaría in official secrets commission

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan separatists want to declare independence on Friday

Spanish parties divided over option of halting emergency measures if Puigdemont calls early election

Catalan bid for independence

Catalan government promises 2,315 voting stations and 7,235 volunteers

Ballot boxes are translucent plastic containers apparently sourced from a company in China

Terrorism in Spain

Why did “well-integrated” Moroccans carry out Barcelona terror attack?

Local people come to terms with radicalization of young men who carried out killings in Catalonia last week


“When I grow up, I want to be like Zara founder Amancio Ortega”

Thousands of Spanish teens have named their role models in a survey with surprising answers


Madrileños vote on new Plaza de España, but not all happy with process

Ballot to choose redesign for central park area derided as an expensive farce by opposition


Gender inequality in Spain’s street names

There are three times more roads named after men than women in Spain’s biggest cities


Being a priest in Spain isn’t what it used to be

Depopulation in rural areas means pastors are increasingly expected to cover several parishes


From Trump to Podemos: just what is populism?

Brexit and the US elections have revived a confusing concept


Spanish thieves find easy source of loot: unprotected churches

Isolated places of worship in rural Spain are easy prey for crooks seeking jewels and cash