“The relatives of many Nazis have no identity that is not tied to their family”

The granddaughter of concentration camp commander Amon Göth explains the shock of discovering her origins


Almodóvar’s most restrained drama

The director discusses new film ‘Julieta,’ which sees him forgo his trademark melodrama


‘Silencio’: Pedro Almodóvar is filming

Spanish filmmaker discusses his new movie, a drama about leaving loved ones behind


The new Almodóvar girls

Spain’s most famous director returns to the female universe with his new feature


Spain’s Golden Age shines on Shakespeare’s stage

London’s Globe Theater hosts historic production of Lope de Vega’s ‘Punishment Without Revenge’


With a copy this good, who would miss the original?

Last month, five members of the public were allowed to see Altamira's prehistoric cave paintings But some said the experience was not that different to seeing the replica in the nearby museum

Hundreds of fans pay last respects to Paco de Lucía

Crown Prince Felipe and flamenco personalities attend guitarist's wake in Madrid


“You have to see this before you die”

A daily lottery allows a handful of people into reopened Altamira cave complex


Altamira caves to reopen

The Cantabria complex, dubbed the Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic art, will host weekly groups of five The aim is to gauge the impact of human presence on the paintings


Giving a voice to the masters of light

An archive project aims to tell the story of photography in postwar Spain through its leading figures The website contains memories, anecdotes and a few unwritten laws


Epic cinema seen through the camera lens

An exhibition in Madrid is showing the work of photographer Mary Ellen Mark Federico Fellini, Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson are among her subjects


“When the actor performs badly, then you see the truth of the film”

Filmmaker and professional gambler Gonzalo García Pelayo is releasing his first movie in 30 years The premier is coinciding with an in international revival of his work

The towns called Franco

Film on Caudillo's countryside communities sparks controversy at festival


When family is funny

New generation of Spanish filmmakers seeks comedy in domestic imperfection

When the party was still raging

A debut feature about disillusionment in 1980s Spain premieres at Locarno


The fighting female gaze

PhotoEspaña 2013 offers varying views of the human form


From trash to museum treasure

The booming fascination for work by unknown photographers is dividing experts

Pere Portabella: “We’re close to chaos”

The radical Catalan filmmaker is releasing his complete works on DVD

Franco’s choirboys

The makers of a new documentary examine a boarding school inside the ex-dictator’s mausoleum


A feast of fake masterpieces

Madrid's Círculo de Bellas Artes is showcasing work by Hungarian genius Elmyr de Hory The art forger painted Picassos, Monets, Matisses and Modiglianis


Fernando Guillén exits stage left

Socialist actor who helped modernize Spanish theater dies at the age of 80


The art of the Western world

The Reina Sofía reveals the work of US landscape photographer Robert Adams


The world at his feet

Designer Manolo Blahnik earns official recognition in his native Spain


Six years on, 'Manolete' at last gets a run through Spanish theaters

"Doomed" movie about matador is finally released in domestic market


Why Santander wants to be Bilbao

Architect Renzo Piano outlines his vision for the Botín Center The cultural venue, to be financed by the city’s famous banking son, is causing controversy


The ultimate picture of ‘Guernica’

A robotic imaging machine is creating thousands of high-res photos of Picasso’s most famous work The aim is ascertain the state of the masterpiece