Italian mafia boss mistakenly released after his arrest in Barcelona

Spain’s High Court says it was not informed in time about Vittorio Raso’s ties to organized crime, and has issued a new warrant


Could Catalonia’s growing marijuana market lead to a ‘narco-economy’?

A regional police report warns about the dangers behind a drug that is driving increased violence between growers and criminal groups


Court suspends flexible prison scheme for Catalan separatist leaders

Prosecutors argued the move was not aimed at rehabilitating the prisoners, who were jailed for their involvement in the 2017 breakaway bid, but rather at softening their sentence


How the coronavirus crisis has affected sex workers in one of Europe’s biggest brothels

Women at a well-known club in the Catalan border town of La Jonquera were turned out on the street from one day to the next


Commuters in Spain complain of overcrowding during coronavirus lockdown

Photos of packed trains fill social media, as passengers express concern that they are not able to maintain a safe distance to protect themselves from possible contagion


Catalan premier calls for central government to help isolate entire region

“We believe that we have to anticipate a very fast evolution of the disease in our country,” says Quim Torra in televised address on Friday night


Chemical explosion in Spain claims third victim

Another worker has died from the injuries he sustained while plant managers come under fire for not alerting authorities about the accident


Real Madrid-Barcelona match goes ahead despite protests outside stadium

The demonstrations organized by so-called Tsunami Democràtic during the soccer game on Wednesday saw some police charges and yellow plastic balls thrown onto the pitch


As protests continue in Catalonia, the public’s patience starts to wane

For more than a month, pro-independence demonstrators have been cutting off roads and vandalizing public spaces, actions that are affecting the everyday lives of citizens


Authorities in Catalonia clear protests on AP-7 freeway near Girona

Supporters of independence for the northeastern region have been trying to block the road, which links Spain with France, since Monday

November 10 General Election

Thousands of police officers deployed in Catalonia ahead of general election

Following recent street disturbances by radical independence activists, the authorities are sending reinforcements to guarantee security at polling stations on Sunday


Catalan leader targets police, not protesters, over street violence

The regional law-enforcement agency says it feels “defenseless” after government fails to press charges against individuals accused of participating in acts that injured officers


Cars torched and acid thrown: Catalonia hit by fresh night of street violence

Thirty-three people were arrested and 100 required medical attention on the third day of unrest following the Supreme Court ruling jailing Catalan separatist leaders


Man loses eye in police clashes against pro-independence protesters

The hospital says the injury is consistent with the impact of a foam or rubber bullet, which were used by officers against demonstrators at Barcelona airport


In Spain, Catalan and National Police team up against crime in Barcelona

Officers from both agencies are trying to improve security following a spike in violent theft


“Packs of youngsters” behind new wave of Barcelona street crime, say police

The regional force has created a special group to fight against reoffending youth gangs in the Catalan capital, which has seen a sharp spike in violent robberies


Third homicide in Barcelona in just over a week

A man who died in a street fight has become the 12th person to meet a violent death in the Catalan capital this year


Barcelona authorities admit city is suffering from “security crisis”

There have been seven violent deaths and three near-fatal stabbings in a short space of time


How the streets of Barcelona have become a refuge for unaccompanied migrants

Rising numbers of minors and young adults who are homeless and in some cases are committing crimes have left the local authorities overwhelmed


Rising crime rate in Barcelona prompts return of citizen patrols

Several groups are modeling themselves after the US Guardian Angels, and using social media to get organized in the face of increased insecurity


South Korean government official dies in Barcelona after robbery

The 65-year-old woman fell to the ground and hit her head when a motorcyclist tried to steal her handbag. She was in a critical condition in hospital and doctors did not expect her to survive


Catalan premier facing prosecution for not removing separatist symbols

Public prosecutor will bring charges of disobedience against Quim Torra, who will not face prison time but could be removed from his position and barred from public office


Three attacks in one week against migrant youth centers in Catalonia

Regional government calls the incidents racist, and admits its services are overwhelmed by a 145% spike in arrivals


Member of far-right Vox party arrested for alleged sexual abuse of disabled man

The group has tried to distance itself from José Antonio Ortiz Cambray, denying that he was the president of its branch in the Catalan city of Lleida


Road disruptions as Catalan separatists strike against Madrid trial

But walkout has little impact on business, industry or public services due to lack of support from major unions


Barcelona becomes Spain’s leader in rising crime rates

The number of criminal infractions, which began to skyrocket in early 2018, underscore theft as one of the city’s main problems


Catalan police on a manhunt after US issues Barcelona security alert

US State Department asks travelers to exercise heightened caution in La Rambla, site of a terrorist attack in August 2017