Catalan government eases coronavirus restrictions in Barcelona and Lleida

Gyms and cinemas will be able to reopen in both areas, while the confinement order in the ‘comarca’ in Segriá will be lifted


Catalan growers torn between fear of Covid-19 and the need to bring in the harvest

Parts of Lleida province are preparing to receive seasonal workers, but there are concerns their arrival could lead to new coronavirus outbreaks


Coronavirus outbreak reveals shortcomings of Catalonia’s contact tracing system

Healthcare workers complain about a shortage of human resources and computer glitches as the number of positive cases continues to rise


Two businessmen caught flooding Barcelona’s supermarkets with fake condoms

Catalan police say the individuals have sold 15,000 packs of the counterfeit products and 41,000 more without proper EU accreditation


Fruit pickers on Spain’s coronavirus outbreak: ‘What terrifies me is not being able to feed my children’

EL PAÍS talks to some of the hundreds of migrant workers in Huesca who remain in the province despite the spike in Covid-19 cases


Barcelona authorities forced to redirect bathers due to large crowds on beaches

Municipal workers had to act after the sands at Nova Icària and Bogatell began to approach the limits permitted under Phase 2 of the coronavirus deescalation plan


Real Madrid-Barcelona match goes ahead despite protests outside stadium

The demonstrations organized by so-called Tsunami Democràtic during the soccer game on Wednesday saw some police charges and yellow plastic balls thrown onto the pitch

‘El clásico’

Thousands of officers on hand to protect Real Madrid-Barcelona match

Around 3,500 security personnel will be at the Camp Nou for tonight’s game in Catalonia, after the anonymous platform Democratic Tsunami called pro-independence protests there


Cars torched and acid thrown: Catalonia hit by fresh night of street violence

Thirty-three people were arrested and 100 required medical attention on the third day of unrest following the Supreme Court ruling jailing Catalan separatist leaders


Pro-independence protesters cause travel chaos at Barcelona airport

More than 100 flights were cancelled at El Prat after demonstrators blocked off access routes to the travel hub to protest jail terms for Catalan separatist leaders


News reporter attacked at Barcelona independence march

A journalist from the TV network Telecinco was hit in the head with an object while trying to cover the second anniversary of the 2017 sovereignty referendum


Man suspected of stabbing Barcelona woman to death kills himself before arrest

Police sources say the suspect shot himself when he realized he was about to be detained for the murder, which took place in early September in a Port Olímpic nightclub


Guardian Angels are patrolling Barcelona, but not everyone is pleased to see them

The Catalan authorities are warning that two volunteer crime-busting groups on the city’s subway system are “extremely dangerous” and “borderline criminal”


Woman stabbed to death in Barcelona during attempted cellphone robbery

The incident in a Port Olímpic nightclub, which also saw a security guard injured, is the latest case of violent crime to affect the Catalan capital, where crime rates have soared


How the streets of Barcelona have become a refuge for unaccompanied migrants

Rising numbers of minors and young adults who are homeless and in some cases are committing crimes have left the local authorities overwhelmed


Victim in Manresa gang-rape case testifies in court

A total of six men are facing trial for allegedly taking it in turns to penetrate the youngster, who was 14 years old at the time of the events


Firefighters continue to battle Spanish wildfire as heatwave intensifies

The blaze has already razed 6,500 hectares in Catalonia and is heading towards Lleida


Protesters at investiture ceremony shout sexist insults at Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau

According to a councilor from her party, terms such as “slut” and “whore” were yelled at the politician during a pro-Catalan independence protest outside City Hall


Barcelona’s push for an “animalist” zoo signals end of a 127-year era

Animal welfare groups hail move phasing out most breeding programs, but conservation experts say initiative shows little understanding of how these centers help endangered species


Losing their religion? New report shows Spaniards are turning their backs on faith

Nearly one-third of people in Spain are either atheists, agnostics or non-believers, according to a study by the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundatio


Catalan pro-independence protesters burn photos of Spanish king ahead of Mobile World Congress

Felipe VI opened the leading trade show in Barcelona by praising Spain’s democracy, which has been criticized in the wake of the Supreme Court trial against 12 separatist leaders


From Andy Warhol parties to living on the streets: How Barcelona’s homeless supermodel fell from grace

Nastasia Urbano tells EL PAÍS how she went from dancing with Melanie Griffith to sleeping in bank foyers in the Catalan capital


Catalan independence leaders moved to Madrid jails ahead of trial

The politicians and association chiefs have been behind bars since 2017, and will now be tried in the Supreme Court for their role in the illegal referendum and pro-secession drive


Barcelona taxi drivers end strike; Madrid stoppage enters day four

Sector accepts Catalan government’s new pre-booking requirements for ride-sharing services such as Uber and Cabify


Barcelona residents cite lack of security as their biggest concern

Five months ahead of elections, Mayor Ada Colau is accused of not doing enough against crime and drugs


Spanish Cabinet meets in Barcelona despite protests and road blocks

Thousands of supporters of Catalan independence have joined an evening march that began at 6pm


Animal groups demand probe into shooting of dog by Barcelona policeman

Municipal authorities say the officer acted in self-defense after the animal bit him, but some eyewitnesses say he was not attacked