Young people in Spain need to spend 94% of salary to rent own place

Prohibitively expensive prices combined with low incomes are making it increasingly difficult for youths to become independent, with 81% still living in the family home


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 18, 2019


US seeking to add two destroyers, 600 extra personnel to Spanish naval base

The plan, which will not be finalized until Spain has a government in place, would see a 50% rise in the number of people stationed in Rota, Cádiz, as well as a reform of the relevant treaty

‘El clásico’

Thousands of officers on hand to protect Real Madrid-Barcelona match

Around 3,500 security personnel will be at the Camp Nou for tonight’s game in Catalonia, after the anonymous platform Democratic Tsunami called pro-independence protests there

Euthanasia in Spain

Spanish police investigate online purchases of euthanasia drug from US

Some seriously ill patients who managed to get hold of pentobarbital are now part of an international probe into the sale of a sedative that can be lethal in high doses