Over 20,000 people died of coronavirus in Spanish care homes during first wave, government report says

Draft study provides the first official estimate of fatalities that made world headlines when elderly residents were found in a state of neglect at understaffed centers


Spain reports 8,618 new Covid-19 cases since Friday

According to the latest figures, 1,486 infections were recorded in 24 hours, with Catalonia, Madrid and Aragón detecting the highest number


15% of residents in Madrid care homes died during the coronavirus pandemic

The figure represents the total number of fatalities between March 8 and May 15, and includes victims who were not tested for Covid-19 as well as those who may have died from other causes


The Spanish woman who lost her aunt, dad and father-in-law in just 15 days

Gracia Méndez went to the same funeral home three times to mourn for family members who she believes died from the coronavirus, although none of the victims were tested for the disease


Spanish government approves draft bill against child abuse

The sweeping legislation on the protection of minors seeks to “end impunity,”and has been backed by British pianist James Rhodes


Three in four new coronavirus cases diagnosed in Madrid and Catalonia

The Spanish Health Ministry recorded 39 coronavirus-related fatalities over the past seven days, bringing the official number of victims to 27,118


Data shows over 17,500 confirmed or probable Covid-19 deaths at Spain’s care homes

Despite difficulty obtaining figures, an EL PAÍS tally shows more than 72,000 infections or suspicious cases at these centers, which have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic


Spanish social service residences have suffered at least 11,600 coronavirus deaths

The figure, calculated by EL PAÍS, includes those in homes for seniors and the disabled. The central government is yet to offer global data


Coronavirus in Spain: Five crises rolled into one

Overburdened hospitals, a shortage of protective gear and testing kits that never arrive. The pandemic is reaching its peak without enough resources or a real picture of the true spread of the disease


Spanish prosecutors launch investigation after bodies found inside senior homes

Workers say protocols prohibit them from touching corpses and complain funerary services are taking 24 hours to show up


Spanish Cabinet takes first step toward major overhaul of sexual assault laws

The legislation, which comes in the wake of the controversial ‘Running of the Bulls’ rape case, puts the focus on the issue of consent


Spain’s social protection system is broken, says United Nations expert

After 12-day visit to country, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston concludes that ‘people in poverty have been largely failed by policymakers’


Why women in Spain are waiting longer to have a baby

From not finding the right partner to fertility problems, there are many reasons why would-be mothers are putting off starting a family


Young people in Spain need to spend 94% of salary to rent own place

Prohibitively expensive prices combined with low incomes are making it increasingly difficult for youths to become independent, with 81% still living in the family home


Births in Spain fall to lowest level in 20 years, new figures reveal

The first six months of 2019 have set a new low as couples postpone parenthood due to precarious financial situations, among other factors

Spain’s aging population

More than 850,000 people over the age of 80 live alone in Spain

Data also show that 53.1% of people between the ages of 25 and 29 are still living with their parents


Thousands protest in Madrid to demand action to combat problems of depopulation

Rural demonstrators from 24 provinces marched on the Spanish capital to call for access to better infrastructure and services in Spain’s dwindling towns and villages


Spain’s invisible children: Why 200 Romanian minors live in the country without papers

The situation means they cannot receive disability aid, take part in exchange programs or even sign up to sports clubs


Controlling teen drug use: Prevention versus intervention

Pediatricians and lawmakers are dubious about a non-binding motion in the Canary Islands to allow drug tests on teenagers at their parents’ request


In Spain, many face stark choice between proper meals or warm homes

A Red Cross study shows that nearly a million of its beneficiaries have trouble paying for food, medicine and school supplies


Spain unveils plans to increase statute of limitations on sex offenses

In response to demands from children’s organizations, victims will be able to report abuse until at least the age of 40


James Rhodes on abuse law: “Spain has an opportunity to do something extraordinary”

The Madrid-based British pianist and writer, who was abused as a child, welcomes the government’s plans to abolish a statute of limitations on pedophilia offenses

World economy

Emerging nations will go on leading global GDP growth despite crisis

Forum organized by EL PAÍS unites experts including Brazilian ex-president Lula da Silva

Ethiopia closes the door on Spanish adoptive parents

After five months in Addis Ababa, two couples told to head home without their adopted sons


“We lost our child to bureaucracy”

Several families have been denied the chance to adopt children from Russia The delay has been caused by Madrid and Moscow's hammering out of a bilateral agreement


Fears of oil spills and drilling grip residents of Canary Islands

More than 1,100 tankers have passed through the tourism-dependent area so far this year


The radio revolution

With 15 percent of listeners now tuning in online, internet stations are finding a niche