Finding truth in tragedy

Competent leadership and a firm reliance on science is required to take the necessary actions to save our planet for future generations to come


Notorious Franco-era cop ‘Billy the Kid’ dies from coronavirus

Antonio González Pacheco, a police officer accused of torturing hundreds of victims under the Spanish dictatorship, passed away at the age of 73


Data shows over 17,500 confirmed or probable Covid-19 deaths at Spain’s care homes

Despite difficulty obtaining figures, an EL PAÍS tally shows more than 72,000 infections or suspicious cases at these centers, which have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic


Daily coronavirus deaths in Spain fall to 213, but total now exceeds 26,000

Health authorities say that the figures should start to reflect whether the relaxation of confinement measures has had an effect on the downward trend of the outbreak


No, the English Edition did not translate PP chief Pablo Casado’s surname as ‘Married’...

A hoax photo spread like wildfire on Twitter yesterday, despite being a screenshot of a Google Translate version of the EL PAÍS homepage


All of Spain’s regions request moving to Phase 1 apart from Catalonia and Castilla y León

Madrid wants to relax coronavirus confinement measures, despite having been the worst-hit by the crisis


Coronavirus crisis reveals poor state of Spanish apartments

The lockdown has highlighted the need to improve housing conditions in the country, as millions of homes lack balconies, natural light and proper ventilation


El Roto

El Roto cartoon May 7, 2020