Thousands protest in Madrid to demand action to combat problems of depopulation

Rural demonstrators from 24 provinces marched on the Spanish capital to call for access to better infrastructure and services in Spain’s dwindling towns and villages

Islamic State

The uncertain future of the children of ISIS fighters

In a Kurdish hospital in northeastern Syria, 75 kids born to killed or detained Jihadists are fighting to survive


The bottom line on Madrid’s hashish: 75% of samples contain fecal contamination

A scientific study by pharmacist Manuel Pérez Moreno of 90 types of cannabis resin bought in the region has revealed high levels of E.coli bacteria, posing a threat to consumers’ health


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 2, 2019


The Jihadist women whom Spain wants to bring back home

Three female Spanish nationals have been identified in detention camps where members of the Islamic State in Syria are being held


EU Parliament pushes out British negotiator over Gibraltar “colony” dispute

Claude Moraes has been stripped of his position as rapporteur after refusing to recognize the definition of the British Overseas Territory in a draft law on travel visas

Attack on North Korean Embassy

North Korea calls Madrid embassy break-in “a grave terrorist attack”

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson told the state news agency KCNA that they expect Madrid to conduct a full investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice


Spanish fireman faces 20 years in prison for rescuing migrants at sea

Italian authorities have accused Miguel Roldán of aiding human traffickers after he helped save thousands of people from drowning in the Mediterranean