The Spanish explorer who desecrated graves in the name of science

The 19th-century naturalist Domingo Sánchez spent 13 years in the Philippines, sending back animal and human samples to build up museum collections and exhibitions


Chinese hackers accused of stealing information from Spanish centers working on Covid-19 vaccine

Intelligence service says computer systems have been repeatedly attacked in the health and pharmaceutical sectors


Spain to participate in clinical trials of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine

Health Minister Salvador Illa announced on Friday that 190 healthy volunteers from the country would take part, with three Spanish hospitals involved


Spain may have access to Covid-19 vaccine by early next year, says science minister

Pedro Duque notes that the country is part of the EU team negotiating with drug companies, and that there are five Spanish prototypes underway


Spanish scientists launch online protest to demand end to precarious working conditions

The virtual rally for less red tape and more funding gained support from students, research agencies and even Spain’s Science Minister Pedro Duque


ccu cgg cgg gca – The 12 letters that changed the world

The genome of the new coronavirus harbors a short sequence suspected of being the main culprit of its uniquely infectious and aggressive nature


Genetic analysis suggests that the coronavirus was already circulating in Spain by mid-February

A study of the first 28 genomes of the virus rules out the existence of a single ‘patient zero’ in the country


Spain’s summer weather will not be enough to defeat the coronavirus, say experts

While one study argues that warm temperatures in the country will hinder the spread of the virus, leading doctors and epidemiologists say that more will be needed to halt infections


“Our motivation is to get a vaccine as quickly as possible so we can hug each other again”

Spaniard Juan Andres is VP for technical development at Moderna Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that has the first candidate for a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus


Research confirms that intermarrying caused the ‘Habsburg jaw’ in Spanish royals

After analyzing portraits, a team of geneticists and surgeons has confirmed the link between the diplomatic strategy adopted by the dynasty and their prevalent overbite


The Spanish businessman who hunted a museum’s worth of animals

There are plans to put 1,250 of the trophies personally killed by Marcial Gómez Sequeira, the former president of the private healthcare insurer Sanitas, on display in Extremadura


Spanish scientists create human-monkey chimera in China

The team led by Juan Carlos Izpisúa injected stem cells into the animal embryos as part of research aimed at finding a way to grow organs for transplants


The bottom line on Madrid’s hashish: 75% of samples contain fecal contamination

A scientific study by pharmacist Manuel Pérez Moreno of 90 types of cannabis resin bought in the region has revealed high levels of E.coli bacteria, posing a threat to consumers’ health


The Soviet scientist who disappeared in 1980s Madrid

Vladimir Alexandrov went missing without a trace after spending three days drinking heavily in Spain


Interior Ministry releases in-depth analysis of murder rates in Spain

The three-year study of 632 homicides, the first of its kind, contradicts popular notions on homicide and its links to immigration and race


DNA tests cast doubt on Spain’s “stolen baby” network

In 81 results, the remains of newborns suspected of being given away under the Franco regime genetically matched their parents


The invasion that wiped out every man from Spain 4,500 years ago

New research indicates all local males on the Iberian peninsula were killed by hostile invaders with superior technology


Pioneering study finds more than 200,000 rats in Barcelona’s sewers

Many specimens were discovered to be carrying bacteria and worms that can be passed on to humans


Coca-Cola paying millions to medical and scientific societies in Spain

Beneficiaries deny a research bias, but study finds sponsorship serves company’s commercial purposes


Labs that experiment with animals start to lift veil of secrecy

But two years after Spanish centers signed a transparency agreement, 20% have yet to offer visits


Advances in DNA analysis help Spanish police solve old crimes

A legal loophole allows greater scope in turning genetic samples into leads that help nail suspects


Do heat waves fuel domestic violence?

A study has found that soaring temperatures can increase the risk of gender-based homicide by 40%


The forgotten report that slammed Spain’s healthcare under Franco

A 1967 study by leading figure Fraser Brockington flagged up numerous shortcomings in the dictator’s public health system


Pollution has killed 93,000 people in Spain in the last decade

Experts are calling for urgent action to tackle the problem, which causes more deaths than car accidents


How penguins toppled two Chilean government ministers

Division over a mining project located near a unique marine nature reserve in Chile has taken its first political casualties


Spanish cave art was made by Neanderthals, new test reveals

Uranium-thorium dating system finds that the drawings pre-date modern humans by 20,000 years

Cancer research

Spanish-led research finds “starting grid” for most lethal kind of cancer

International team led by oncologist Paco Real discovers state of the pancreas that leads to tumors