Catalonia: it’s all in the head

Nobel laureate Ramón y Cajal quashed the pseudoscientific theories fueling separatism in Catalonia


The veterinarian working to save man-eating animals

A Madrid-based doctor is fighting the common diseases that infect tigers and other endangered animals


The spectacular flowering of Chile’s Atacama Desert

Unusual winter rains lead to display involving more than 200 species of native plants


What is going on with Europe’s bees?

Existing data is either inconsistent or non-existent, say experts at interdisciplinary summit in Brussels


How Spain used “alternative facts” to bury environmental protest in 1888

Troops were sent in when miners demanded an end to open-air pyrite roasting at Riotinto copper mines


Film crew captures first-ever footage of wild Iberian wolves hunting

Scene just one of many stunning sequences in new Spanish nature documentary ‘Cantábrico’


Neanderthals had their own kind of ‘aspirin’

Dental records from Spanish cave suggest they chewed poplar bark, a source of salicylic acid


Finding a solution for supermarket tomatoes that don’t taste like tomatoes

Scientists in Valencia are using a technique to cut and paste DNA in a bid to reclaim fruit’s flavor


The ‘red’ scientist who was pardoned by Franco

Previously unseen material documents the extraordinary life of the physician Rafael Méndez


Spanish Ebola survivor recalls ordeal: “I felt Death leaning on my shoulder”

Nursing assistant Teresa Romero was the first case of transmission outside West Africa


Spain’s CJ-3: a cave as beautiful as it is deadly

Scientists are investigating why this well-known chasm has suddenly run out of oxygen


Spanish planet hunter and “gravity spy” from Argentina on Top 10 Scientists list

Nature magazine hails work done by Guillem Anglada-Escudé and Gabriela González in 2016


Held for fraud: Spanish parents of sick girl who raised €150,000

Police investigating claims money not used for rare disease treatments in US and Afghanistan


The Spanish scientists who are literally under fire

Who is behind the stray bullets hitting Madrid’s prestigious Institute for Mathematical Sciences?


The Spanish scientist working on a cure for a rare disfiguring disease

Biochemist Héctor Peinado has received €500,000 from the US government to study neurofibromatosis-1


Spanish Civil War mass grave yields preserved hearts and other organs

The organs of dozens of victims killed in 1936 on a hillside in Burgos by Franco's forces have been conserved


Spaniards abuse painkillers: EU survey

A survey of 22,000 Europeans revealed questionable use of prescription drugs


Saving the Spanish pigs that went to the Americas with Columbus

Many creole pig breeds, descendants from those that arrived in the New World in 1493, are in danger of extinction – and these scientists are analyzing their DNA to decide which to conserve


The danger hiding under Spain’s ‘killer lake’

Huge amounts of carbon dioxide are trapped under water in former mine in Huelva

Popular names

Spanish Catholic Church loses its influence over naming customs

The birth register shows many fewer children named José, Jesús or after representations of the Virgin Mary


Could a modified common cold virus some day cure cancer?

Spanish scientists are tweaking adenoviruses to make them attack the most lethal tumors in children and adults


Einstein’s two surreal weeks in Spain

Physicist received a hero’s welcome in 1923, although few at the time understood why


Child sacrificed by Incas 500 years ago sheds light on Americans’ origins

DNA samples support thesis that humans first crossed the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago


The Basques: not quite as ancient as was once believed

Study of remains from Atapuerca site shows they are closer to 5,000 than 10,000 years old

The man who just added a second to Spaniards’ lives

Navy officer Francisco Javier Galindo is in charge of adjusting the universal time standard


The smoking toll in Spain: 166 men and 40 women die every day

Researchers want more proactive policies such as price hikes and more explicit warnings But so far they have seen little interest from the government of Mariano Rajoy

Quarter of Spaniards think the Sun revolves around Earth, survey reveals

But scientific literacy is improving, according to the Social Perception of Science report