Unemployment rose by 5,100 people in June, traditionally a good month for the Spanish job market

Around 1.6 million workers in Spain have come off the government's ERTE furlough schemes, according to Labor Ministry figures


Barcelona opera house reopens with a concert for 2,292 plants

The unusual event was meant as a reflection on Spain's three-month lockdown and its impact on human activity


Spain to extend restrictions on international travelers until June 15

The temporary measures, aimed at slowing the coronavirus outbreak, will not affect essential travel


New Spanish legislation aimed at protecting children from violence to be known as the ‘Rhodes Law’

Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias explained today that the measures against abuse would take their name from British pianist and campaigner James Rhodes


Spain’s far-right Vox stages marches against “traitor” PM Pedro Sánchez

The third-largest force in Congress says the Socialist leader is betraying the nation over his deal with Catalan separatists, who endorsed his government in exchange for talks


At least 58 people drown near Mauritania after boat capsizes en route to Spain

Eighty-three migrants survived by swimming to shore, but another 40 remain missing and are feared dead


Scuffles over seats, a sprained ankle, and an apology to Spaniards as deputies sworn in

Socialist Meritxell Batet is elected new Congressional speaker as parliament convenes, while far-right party Vox secures a high-ranking place on her committee


Spanish police arrest captain of the ‘narco-submarine’

Authorities had been looking for the man since last week, when they intercepted the submersible with three tons of cocaine on board

Gender violence in Spain

Vox blocking measures against gender violence in Spain

The far-right party has stopped regions and city councils from taking a united stand on the issue, which has claimed more than a thousand women’s lives in Spain since 2003


Woman in custody after giving neighbor box containing her partner’s severed head

The homicide suspect, María del Carmen M.G., had claimed the package was full of sex toys, but in fact it contained the decomposing body part of victim Jesús María B. R.


Spanish man arrested after filming himself dancing on his moving car

The authorities found a number of videos on the 22-year-old’s Instagram account of his dangerous driving, and of him insulting police officers


Body of Dutch man missing in floods found, bringing total victims to seven

The 66-year-old was located in San Fulgencio, Alicante by a local resident. Public insurer CSS is expecting to pay out at least €190m for the damage caused by the recent extreme weather in Spain


Albanian authorities demolish restaurant of man who attacked Spanish tourists

The business, located in the Porto Palermo area of the country, had been operating without a license. Owner Mihal Kokëdhima is being held in custody after assaulting Eugenio Galdón


Afghanistan’s ambassador to Spain victim of violent robbery in Barcelona

The incident took place in the center of the city when a group of youths surrounded the diplomat and threw him to the ground to steal his watch


Three French tourists placed in custody for gang rape in Benidorm

Another two men have been given provisional release for allegedly sexually assaulting two 20-year-old Norwegian women


Smoke-filled British Airways plane makes emergency landing in Valencia

Nineteen people were injured when one of the engines of the Airbus A321 caught fire on the flight from London


Basque politician refuses to condemn ETA violence during interview on public TV channel

The controversial broadcast with Arnaldo Otegi has led to calls from right-wing parties for the head of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, to resign


Killer of Spanish golfer Celia Barquín will get life imprisonment with no parole

Collin Daniel Richards, who has a long criminal history including domestic abuse and assault, pleaded guilty to murdering the 22-year-old on a golf course in Iowa


French police searching for Spanish student missing since Thursday

Authorities in Paris have located the backpack of Natalia Sánchez Uribe in a park close to the economics school where the 22-year-old was studying via the Erasmus program


Venezuelan dissident says international military intervention falls within the Constitution

Leopoldo López, who fled to the Spanish ambassador’s residence in Caracas after trying to lead an uprising, believes many people in Nicolás Maduro’s closest circle want him out

Industrial action

Relief for Easter travelers in Spain: Air Nostrum pilot strike is called off

But the 47 cancellations announced for Tuesday will remain due to the technical difficulty of reprogramming the flights on such short notice

Attack on North Korean Embassy

North Korea calls Madrid embassy break-in “a grave terrorist attack”

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson told the state news agency KCNA that they expect Madrid to conduct a full investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice


Barcelona bar owner who threw out patrons for color of their skin fined €1,500

The judge ruled that the accused acted with “undisguised contempt” when he told the group: “I don’t want black people here”


Popular Party chief advocates return to Spain’s restrictive 1985 abortion laws

“If we want to fund pensions and healthcare we need to think about how to have more babies and not about how to have terminations,” argues Pablo Casado

Freedom of the press

Venezuela releases detained journalists working for Spanish news agency

Authorities are preparing to deport two Colombians and a Spaniard who were held on Wednesday in Caracas as they were covering the crisis for EFE


Three new prehistoric hand prints found inside Altamira cave in Spain

The art, which is in bad condition, was identified during the course of inventory work inside the world-famous Paleolithic site


Spanish bank sends letter to employees in wake of spying accusations

BBVA is alleged to have hired retired police chief José Manuel Villarejo to carry out industrial espionage in order to fend off an unwanted shareholder