Police will not issue fines in the first 48 hours of Madrid’s new confinement measures

Around 200 officers will carry out daily checks on 26 affected areas in the capital to ensure the coronavirus restrictions are being respected


Madrid region recommends people in areas with highest coronavirus infections stay at home

The advice comes on the day when a judge overturned the regional government's plans to close nightclubs and restrict smoking in public, and when new cases in Spain topped 8,100


Court strikes down Madrid Central low-emission zone over legal technicalities

The ruling conservatives, who launched the battle while in the opposition, now face the prospect of losing millions in revenue from traffic fines


Madrid to reopen small city parks, but not El Retiro

Starting today all green areas in the capital will be open to the public with the exception of 19, while more than 19 kilometers of streets will be pedestrianized on the weekends


Madrid City Hall planning on pedestrianizing streets on weekends to avoid crowds from forming

Parks in the capital have still not been reopened despite the loosening of the coronavirus confinement measures, making it difficult for people to maintain social distancing while taking exercise


Homeless face uncertainty under Spain’s deescalation: ‘The situation outside is awful’

As the coronavirus crisis eases, Madrid City Hall is planning on closing two emergency shelters, leaving many rough sleepers in an even more precarious situation


Dismay among opposition as Madrid chiefs hold crowded closure ceremony at coronavirus field hospital

The event today at the Ifema convention center saw some health workers shout slogans and chants at regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida


In deadliest day yet, Spain registers 462 coronavirus deaths in just 24 hours

Madrid’s Palacio del Hielo ice rink could soon become a morgue for victims of Covid-19. The government expects the peak of infections to be reached this week


A day of petty drug dealing in Madrid’s Retiro park

Despite the police presence, hashish and marijuana are being sold in plain view in one of the capital's most popular green areas