Spanish Supreme Court bars Catalan premier from public office for disobedience

The decision means that Quim Torra will have to step down from his position, paving the way for a new institutional crisis in Catalonia


How the Spanish Tax Agency followed the trail of Shakira

The tax authorities in Spain know more about the Colombian singer than any tabloid journalist. With the devotion of a diehard fan and a detective’s eye for detail, Inspector Susana C. has pieced together the life of the superstar, exposing the structure of her business empire and cornering her for tax evasion to the tune of €14.5 million


Spain’s consultancy racket: How firms won tenders with fake proposals

A probe has found that a group of companies, including Deloitte and KPMG, worked like a cartel to divvy up contracts and leave other competitors out of the game


Catalonia’s ‘3% case’ brings political and business leaders close to trial

A judge has ended a years-long probe into alleged commissions paid by companies for public works contracts when the region was governed by Democratic Convergence of Catalonia


Catalan premier barred from public office for disobedience

The Supreme Court has sentenced Quim Torra to an 18-month ban and €30,000 fine for refusing to obey an order to remove separatist symbols from public buildings


Catalan prison authorities propose ordinary regime for separatist leaders

The recommendation, which is not binding, would mean that the nine men and women currently in jail would not immediately be able to apply for parole or enjoy day release


Catalan leader targets police, not protesters, over street violence

The regional law-enforcement agency says it feels “defenseless” after government fails to press charges against individuals accused of participating in acts that injured officers


Protestors target police in a fifth night of violence and chaos in Barcelona

On the margins of a peaceful march in the Catalan capital, there were more violent scenes on Friday, as youngsters surrounded the National Police HQ and threw rocks and steel balls


Supreme Court finds jailed Catalan secession leaders guilty of sedition

None of the defendants has been convicted of the most serious charge, rebellion, but most are still facing prison terms ranging from nine to 13 years. Those who will serve jail time are eligible for a semi-open regime, a decision that will now be made by penitentiary authorities in Catalonia


Catalan separatists held on suspicion of planning violent acts with explosives

Nine alleged members of the CDR protest group have been arrested ahead of the anniversary of the illegal independence referendum of October 1, 2017


E-scooter rider who caused Spain’s first fatality faces fine, not prison

The young man killed a 90-year-old when he ran into her from behind as she was returning home from her morning walk


Catalan premier to face trial over refusal to take down yellow ribbons

Quim Torra ignored orders to remove partisan symbols from public buildings during the campaign race for municipal and European elections


Shakira tells judge in tax fraud case that she was residing abroad

The Colombian singer, who used a side entrance to enter court this morning, is accused by the public prosecutor of creating a “web of companies” to defraud €14.5 million


30 officials to face trial in Barcelona over role in independence referendum

Investigating judge considers these people played “a decisive” role in organizing the vote, setting a global bond of €5.8m for 17 of them. Sedition charges have been dropped, however


Catalan premier facing prosecution for not removing separatist symbols

Public prosecutor will bring charges of disobedience against Quim Torra, who will not face prison time but could be removed from his position and barred from public office


At Catalan separatist trial, a tale of scared officials and unpaid invoices

Judges have heard witness testimony from a court clerk who fled a screaming crowd, and entrepreneurs who ended up out of pocket for work they did ahead of the referendum


Catalan referendum was “political exhibition,” claims former minister

One-time regional business chief, Santi Vila, was questioned in the Supreme Court on Thursday during day six of the trial of the pro-independence leaders

Catalan secession bid

In Spain, a political storm precedes trial of Catalan independence leaders

The prosecution and the defense’s strategies will hinge on whether any violence was used during the bid for unilateral secession


Public prosecutor in Spain accuses Shakira of €14.5 million tax fraud

Colombian singer allegedly feigned residency in the Bahamas despite residing in Catalonia most of the year


Spain sees first case of a pedestrian killed by an electric scooter

Judge is probing whether the youth who accidentally hit a 90-year-old woman was looking at his phone


Spain’s audit court tells organizers of 2014 Catalan vote to pay back €4.9m

Ex-regional premier Artur Mas and several aides are held accountable for the public funds that were used to hold a symbolic independence referendum that predates the one held on October 1, 2017


Judge shelves probe into officer who shot man in Barcelona knife attack

Magistrate finds that Abdelouahab Taib “put himself in danger” by yelling “Allah” just after the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Catalonia


Minister, Catalan interior chief agree on need for “neutrality” in public spaces

Representatives from the central and regional government held a security meeting today, at which the symbols in support of jailed pro-independence leaders topped the agenda

Catalan politics

Pressure builds on PM to take stand against independence symbols in Catalonia

Ciudadanos and the PP have called on Pedro Sánchez to ban yellow ribbons from public spaces as tensions rise in the region

Terrorism in Spain

Officer in Barcelona knife attack: “I could see he was going to kill me”

The statement given by the policewoman who shot and killed attacker Abdelouahab Taib on Monday coincides with the official version of the incident


Man shot in attack on police left note: “I’m going, inshallah, to the Great Place”

Abdelouahab Taib, 29, who was killed while wielding a knife, had confessed to his partner that he was gay, and said he feared the shame and dishonor of his orientation


Catalan police treating knife attack in which assailant was shot as terrorism

Abdelouahab Taib, 29, had “clearly homicidal intentions” before he was killed by an officer at the Cornellà de Llobregat precinct