Cabinet to ‘hibernate’ Spanish economy in bid to avoid overload of hospitals

As expected, the government on Sunday approved a stricter lockdown across Spain, which will only permit essential workers to leave their homes

Coronavirus deaths continue to rise in Spain, with a record 838 in 24 hours

According to the latest Health Ministry figures, a total of 6,528 people have died, there are 78,797 confirmed infections, and 43,397 Covid-19 patients receiving treatment in Spanish hospitals

Opposition Popular Party backs stricter lockdown, but slams government “improvisation”

Spain’s biggest labor unions also support the move, but businesses warn of “negative impact” on companies

Spanish government tightens lockdown to include all non-essential workers

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will convene a Cabinet meeting to approve the measure, which is aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus in Spain

“Do we have a deal, Pedro?”: an inside look at the clash at EU coronavirus summit

The six-hour virtual gathering on Thursday to agree on a joint statement has been described as one of the most fascinating in recent memory

Spanish PM secures congressional support to extend state of alarm

Although opposition parties heavily criticized Pedro Sánchez for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, they voted in favor of keeping the emergency measures in place until April 12

Spanish authorities arrest 926 people for breaking rules of lockdown

Interior minister says most residents are observing the conditions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, but points out that a four-month sentence has already been handed down to one offender

Spain’s coronavirus victims rise by 514 in a day, with 2,700 dead and nearly 40,000 infections

“This is the tough week, when we are all waiting to see if the measures we have adopted will take effect,” says health chief

The Spanish politicians in coronavirus quarantine

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has affected a large number of former and current public officials, forcing regional leaders and ministers to work in isolation

Spanish airports and ports also closed in bid to slow spread of coronavirus

As at land borders, only residents will be able to enter the country by air or sea, with exceptions for certain professions or for reasons of force majeure

Spanish PM calls on European Union for a Marshall Plan and ‘coronabonds’

Pedro Sánchez on Sunday requested a major public investment plan that would serve to stimulate the economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Spanish government to extend state of alarm for 15 days

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made the decision after warning Spaniards that the number of coronavirus cases was set to rise over the next week

Spanish PM on coronavirus crisis: “The worst is yet to come”

In a national address, Pedro Sánchez warned that the number of infections is set to rise next week and place the country’s healthcare system under even greater strain

Spain purchases 640,000 coronavirus testing kits, which will arrive “in coming days”

Seventy percent of patients in intensive care are aged above 60 years old, health authorities report

Spain exceeds 1,000 coronavirus deaths with no clear idea if peak is close

“The worst days are on their way,” warned Health Minister Salvador Illa on Friday

Catalan premier tells BBC that Madrid is blocking coronavirus lockdown in his region

Criticized by government officials for “misrepresenting the truth,” Quim Torra later said his words had been poorly translated

Spain’s coronavirus deaths reach 767, with 169 in just the last 24 hours

The number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus has now reached 17,174, with 3,431 new cases in a day

Spain’s King Felipe VI: “We are going to defeat this crisis”

In a public address on the coronavirus pandemic, the monarch called on Spaniards to remain united and calm as the number of the cases soars to nearly 14,000

Spanish PM to Congress: “The hardest part is yet to come”

Pedro Sánchez addressed a near-empty parliament on Wednesday, to explain the measures the government is taking to combat the coronavirus pandemic

Spain announces €200 billion relief package against effects of coronavirus

PM Pedro Sánchez calls it "the greatest mobilization of resources in the country’s entire democratic history"

Spain sees nearly 2,000 new coronavirus cases in a day, with confirmed deaths rising to 491

“We are not ruling out closing the airspace,” said Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska on Tuesday, after land borders were shut on Monday night

Spanish political parties close ranks around the government in battle against the coronavirus

The priority for the administration now, as well as stopping the spread of the pandemic, will be the minimizing of the economic damage caused by the crisis

Spain registers second-highest daily rise in coronavirus infections in the world

Madrid government believes fall in the number of new cases will only be seen in the region after 10 days of total lockdown

Spanish government puts private healthcare firms at the orders of the regions

Companies that are holding or that can manufacture health materials such as protective masks have been given 48 hours to inform the authorities on risk of fines for failing to do so

Coronavirus deaths in Spain double in a day to reach 288, with more than 7,750 infections

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez holds video conference call with regional premiers, after state of alarm gives central government powers across the entire Spanish territory

Members of the Spanish public face fines or even prison if they disobey lockdown rules

Police in Spain will set up checkpoints in the street to ensure state of alarm is observed

Wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tests positive for the coronavirus

There was also controversy on Saturday when Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias attended a Cabinet meeting, despite his partner being infected