Why killer whales are targeting boats in northwestern Spain

Researchers are baffled by the high number of run-ins between yachts and orcas but believe the animals are approaching out of curiosity, not animosity


The race to save the Mediterranean’s deep-sea corals

Experts want greater protection for endangered species that are home to other forms of marine life


Why did thousands of dead fish wash up on Spain’s Mar Menor?

Intensive agriculture and urban development have triggered an environmental catastrophe in Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon


Wolves make a comeback in Madrid 70 years after their disappearance

Five packs have set up home in the region but ranchers are worried about attacks on their livestock


Spanish Congress prepares bill to stop treating animals as objects

The final draft of the text could end the practice of seizing pets over payment defaults


15 million Spaniards are breathing air the EU considers polluted

More than half of Spain is wreathed in air containing excessive levels of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone


The mystery of the brown bears in Spain’s northern mountains

Nobody can figure out quite why the same species is growing better on the western side of the Cantabria range


Spanish government planning to ban sale of gasoline, diesel cars from 2040

The draft climate change law also includes a prohibition on the controversial method of “fracking,” and will encourage the use of renewable energies


EIB survey: 70% of Spaniards believe climate change is a threat to humanity

According to the results, Spain and other countries in the south of Europe are the most concerned about the effects of global warming


New figures deal fresh blow to Spain’s fight against air pollution

Data from 2017 released by the government show slight spike in nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter


Scandals force former Madrid premier Cristina Cifuentes to quit politics

Embattled Popular Party leader has given up her seat in the regional assembly and thus brought an end to her 30-year political career


A Dos de Mayo without celebrations for Madrid’s beleaguered Popular Party

Acting regional premier avoids mentioning disgraced predecessor Cristina Cifuentes, who was forced to quit last week after being caught up in two separate scandals


Madrid premier won’t quit over master’s scandal unless PM calls on her to do so

The PP’s Cristina Cifuentes continues to resist pressure to resign despite irregularities over degree course, and made surprise appearance at an official event on Wednesday

Spanish politics

Madrid regional leader facing probe over claims of falsified master’s degree

Two opposition groups want Cristina Cifuentes to resign over a case affecting a major public university in the region, and which has raised the question of corruption in her Popular Party once more


Madrid buildings may soon ban informal vacation rentals

New rules seek to address growing trend of short-term tourist accommodation in downtown areas


Madrid seeks solution for Metro police station closed due to extreme heat

Around 100 officers working at the precinct may have to be relocated due to high temperatures in building


Ex-regional premier of Madrid arrested in major anti-corruption operation

Ignacio González is one of 12 people held over shady financial activities at region’s water company


Spain’s invasion of the wild boars

Madrid town of Torrelodones has launched a porcine awareness campaign for residents


Madrid region approves new dignified death measures

Palliative care will be provided at hospital or at home, but physician-assisted suicide is not an option


Madrid seeks ban on displaying live pets in store windows

A bill up for debate next month proposes acquiring animals through catalogues or the internet


Priest rails against “anatomical DIY projects” for transsexuals

Catholic clergyman in Madrid town says people should accept their God-given body, and criticizes public spending on gender-reassignment treatment


The true story behind the dolphin corpse found in Madrid’s biggest park

The police believe that the mammal was the victim of a network of animal traffickers

Could the body of a dolphin have been found in Madrid’s Casa de Campo?

Man walking his dogs made the bizarre discovery: the cadaver of a cetacean wrapped in wire


Tearing down of Franco memorials sparks row between Madrid officials

City Hall says monuments must go because of ties to former dictatorship


Madrid starts removing Francoist monuments without warning

Angry citizens sit on stone memorial to prevent city workers from taking it away by truck


Madrid maintains downtown parking ban as high pollution persists

Excessive pollutant levels extend over 30 kilometers outside city center

Madrid Metro

Video: How a child’s balloon cut off Madrid subway service for an hour

Metal surface touched overhead power cable at Sol station, triggering sparks