Spain to close half its coal-fired power stations

The country is on track to becoming one of the world's fastest decarbonizing nations


Spain to provide up to €4,000 in subsidies for purchase of a new car

The scheme, which is part of a €3.75 billion plan to aid the automobile industry, is aimed at mitigating the impact of the coronavirus crisis and boosting the sale of low-emission vehicles


Spain sees rise in air pollution as coronavirus lockdown eases

Although levels remain below average, a spike in nitrogen dioxide has been detected as the country relaxes its confinement measures


Spain planning to raise €724 million with new plastic-packaging tax

The Cabinet approves draft legislation that also bans single-use items and encourages the circular economy


Pollution in Spain falls to record lows amid coronavirus lockdown

The concentration of nitrogen dioxide in Madrid and Barcelona has dropped significantly since the Spanish government declared a state of alarm last week


Greenhouse gas emissions drop in Spain as power plants ditch coal

Energy produced at coal-fired thermal stations made up less than 5% of all electricity generated in 2019, as natural gas and renewables become more profitable options


Greta Thunberg: “People are suffering and dying from the climate emergency today”

The Swedish campaigner uses her celebrity status to draw attention to other young activists at the UN summit in Madrid

Climate change

Pedro Sánchez at COP25 climate summit in Spain: “Only a handful of fanatics deny the evidence”

Spain’s caretaker government has stepped in to host the event against a global backdrop of weakened environmental leadership


Madrid to host UN climate summit after Chile cancels amid protests

The caretaker Socialist Party government proposed the Spanish capital as the new venue for the international event, which is set to take place between December 2 and 13

Climate change

Mediterranean is warming up faster than the rest of the planet, report warns

Some 500 million people are at risk of drought, lack of freshwater and food shortages if no action is taken


Madrid Central considered one of the most effective anti-pollution plans in the EU

The low-emissions zone in the center of the Spanish capital has seen a 32% reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions, according to a new report


“It is truly a massacre” – How power lines are killing Spain’s birds

The public prosecutor is pushing regional authorities to do more to help the thousands of animals who die every year from being electrocuted in electricity cables


Spain turns its back on coal, as use of the fossil fuel falls to historic lows

May and June saw the lowest levels of consumption for electricity generation since records began, helped by the low cost of natural gas and environmental taxes


Brussels calls on Madrid, Barcelona to do more to combat air pollution

In the wake of the suspension of the Madrid Central low-emissions area, the European Commission has warned Spain that it is not doing enough to combat the “serious” situation


Thousands protest in defense of Madrid Central anti-pollution plan

Up to 60,000 people rallied on Saturday in favor of the low-emissions zone introduced by former mayor Manuela Carmena, which has been put on hold by the new right-wing local government


Despite risk of EU action, new Madrid mayor puts anti-pollution plan on hold

The new Popular Party-led administration in the Spanish capital will have to decide whether to scrap Madrid Central entirely, or tweak it to avoid sanctions over air quality infringement


Spain still lagging behind in fight against greenhouse gas emissions

Emissions grew by 17.9% over a 27-year period while they fell 23.5% in Europe as a whole, EU report finds


More than a feeling: summers in Spain really are getting longer and hotter

A new study shows the impact of global warming on temperatures, the sea level and human health in the country


Self-generated energy soars in Spain as solar panels plunge in price

Last year there was a 94% increase in sun-powered electricity compared to 2017, according to Spain’s Photovoltaic Union UNEF


Rescuers find “biological traces” of Spanish child stuck in borehole

Authorities are still racing to find two-year-old Julen, who is stuck in a shaft more than 100 meters deep after falling in on Sunday during a family lunch


Spanish government planning to ban sale of gasoline, diesel cars from 2040

The draft climate change law also includes a prohibition on the controversial method of “fracking,” and will encourage the use of renewable energies


New figures deal fresh blow to Spain’s fight against air pollution

Data from 2017 released by the government show slight spike in nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter


Six sites in Spain have radioactive contamination, nuclear agency admits

Yet none of the areas are officially classified as contaminated ground due to a legal limbo


Spain fined €12 million for failing to treat urban waste water

Nearly 18 years after deadline expired, nine municipalities still lack proper collection or treatment systems


Blame the weather: why Spain is failing to meet EU climate change targets

Greenhouse gas emissions must be cut by one third in just over a decade if the country is to meet its 2030 goals

Spanish politics

Spain’s new PM signals change of tack on climate change

Pedro Sánchez is promising to step up the country’s efforts to transition to green energy


The plastic polluting a piece of paradise in the Canaries

The island of La Graciosa is awash with waste from all parts of the world, and it just keeps coming in