At first day of no confidence debate, Vox’s bid for power fails to find any support

Party leader Santiago Abascal spent more than two hours listing catastrophes he attributed to the Spanish government, citing George Soros, the Taliban and ISIS


Vox’s motion of no confidence against the government: what you need to know about the two-day debate

The far-right party’s leader, Santiago Abascal, is running as a candidate to replace Socialist Party Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, but the bid is almost certainly doomed to failure due to lack of support from other groups


Voters opt for traditional parties at regional elections in Galicia, Basque Country

The Popular Party's Galician candidate secured his fourth absolute majority on Sunday, while the ‘lehendakari’ will be able to govern with the support of the Socialists


Manuela Carmena: “They will do a U-turn on Madrid Central, they can’t do anything else”

The former mayor of the Spanish capital speaks to EL PAÍS about the future of the low-emissions zone, which the new right-wing municipal council has tried to suspend


Spain’s election officials suspend TV debate with far-right party Vox

Its presence would violate rules on minimum congressional representation; PM Pedro Sánchez says he will instead attend a four-candidate event on public broadcaster TVE


Frankenstein and eight-headed serpents: Spanish campaign takes on apocalyptic tones

As elections approach, the opposition is resorting to scare tactics to convince voters that Socialist Party Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez must go


After top court rejects his plea, will Brazil’s Lula still have a way to avoid jail?

The same judges who ruled against him could open door to early release as former president continues to appeal corruption conviction


“If a political conviction stopped Lula from running, that would be fraud”

A Brazilian court will soon decide if it confirms or overrules Lula’s nine-year prison sentence

Graft in Brazil

Brazil’s outraged opposition calls for scandal-hit Temer to step down

But opponents of unpopular president face uphill battle in their bid for new popular ballot


Javier Fernández, the new king of Spanish sport

The figure skating champion has risen to the top against all odds, fighting a complete lack of support from the state

Peter Sloterdijk: “The old demons are back in Europe”

The German thinker’s fame as a provocateur has not waned since he published a defense of human genetic manipulation 15 years ago


Galicia joins other PP-controlled regions in cutting personal income tax

The symbolic reduction will apply to those earning less than 17,700 euros a year


Was Asunta killed by her mother?

The 12-year-old was in a car with Porto despite claim she had been left at home


Grandfather of murdered girl blames mother for killing

"My son was in love with her and I suspect he would cover for her," says Ramón Basterra


Rail network heads to face judge over Santiago train disaster

Top officials to be questioned about July crash that killed 79 people


Santiago train crash judge wants to question railway safety chief

Aláez says measures “insufficient” to prevent human error as he criticizes position of speed sign


Train inquiry judge declines to prosecute conductor who made call before crash

Renfe worker will appear in court on Friday to testify as a witness in the investigation

Documents relating to smuggler no longer exist, says Galician premier

Feijóo tells parliament files showing business links with Marical Dorado have been destroyed

Galicia premier admits to business links between government and smuggler

Alberto Núñez Feijóo elaborates further on his ties to drug trafficker Marcial Dorado

The photos causing a scandal

Galicia chief vacationed in Cascais and Ibiza with drug lord

Premier Alberto Núñez Feijóo made trips in mid-1990s with convicted criminal

The photos causing a scandal

Marcial Dorado and the golden age of smuggling in Galicia’s waterways

The man at the center of latest PP scandal gained notoriety in the 1980s

Galician Popular Party leader under fire for drug trafficker link

Núñez Feijóo promises public explanation of photographs