30 officials to face trial in Barcelona over role in independence referendum

Investigating judge considers these people played “a decisive” role in organizing the vote, setting a global bond of €5.8m for 17 of them. Sedition charges have been dropped, however


Frankenstein and eight-headed serpents: Spanish campaign takes on apocalyptic tones

As elections approach, the opposition is resorting to scare tactics to convince voters that Socialist Party Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez must go


Uber launches new electric scooter rental service in Madrid

The company has placed 566 mobility devices across the Spanish capital and is giving users the chance to try Jump for free for the first 10 minutes in April


New poll predicts Socialist Party victory at Spanish elections

The latest CIS survey predicts that current Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will win the highest number of seats in Congress, but fall short of an absolute majority


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 9, 2019


Vandals desecrate graves in Spain’s only German military cemetery

Nine crosses were broken in the Cuacos de Yuste burial site in Cáceres, which was sprayed with the message: “Neither Nazis with honors nor anti-fascists in ditches”


Why wealthy families from Beijing are buying up apartments in Madrid

Chinese investors are purchasing properties worth at least €500,000 in a bid to earn a so-called “golden visa”