Madrid to make face masks mandatory in all public spaces

In a bid to curb coronavirus contagion, social gatherings will be restricted to 10 people and nightclubs will have to close by 1.30am


Spain updates official Covid-19 death toll, says new outbreaks are under control

As the country gets ready to lift the state of alarm, health authorities placed the overall number of victims at 28,313, up from the figure of 27,136 that had been provided for the last 12 days


The revolt of the 1% against the coronavirus ‘oppression’ in Spain

Residents of the upscale Madrid district of Salamanca have been demonstrating against the government for allegedly curtailing their freedoms


Why are Spaniards buying more beer and chocolate under the coronavirus lockdown?

Psychologists share their thoughts on why shoppers have swapped toilet paper for wine during the first two weeks of the state of alarm


Coronavirus crisis in Madrid’s senior homes: “If he gets infected, no one will do anything to help him”

EL PAÍS has received numerous emails and phone calls about the critical situation facing the elderly in residencies, from the shortage of staff to ambulances refusing to transfer patients


Coronavirus outbreak sparks panic buying in Madrid

Customers have been lining up to stock up on supplies as tougher measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 come into effect in the region


Three children in Spain test positive for coronavirus

The first case involving a minor was reported in Madrid, when a four-year-old girl tested positive for Covid-19. She was followed by two more in Castilla-La Mancha


Spanish mother’s fight against betting: “My son has been gambling for 10 years. I can’t go on”

Susana Fonseca discovered a decade ago that her child had been stealing money from her to place bets and is now calling for a ban on advertising


“We’re alone,” say parents of Korean student killed in Madrid by falling masonry

Jihyun, 32, died five days before Christmas after being struck on the head by a cornice that was displaced by wind from the regional Culture Department building


Staff at minors’ center targeted with grenade: ‘This is not an isolated event’

Employees say that xenophobia is on the rise in Madrid’s Hortaleza district, where there have been a number of attacks against migrant youths


Spanish explosives experts defuse grenade at Madrid center for minors

The facility has been criticized in the past by far-right groups who claim it is housing young foreign criminals

Rise of the far right

“I’m not racist; I vote for Vox because you have to sort your own country out first”

EL PAÍS speaks to residents of Griñón, a town south of Madrid, about why they voted overwhelmingly for the far-right party at the November 10 general election in Spain


After another inconclusive election, Socialists rule out grand pact with the PP

Caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has a tall task ahead of him if he is to secure support from the parties he needs to back him in order to form a government


A man’s desperate bid to evict squatter granddaughter from his Madrid home

Paula, 18, entered Vicente Moreda’s apartment last week with a friend and a locksmith, and has since refused to answer the door to her family or to the media


Facing depopulation, a Spanish village turns itself into a nursing home

Pescueza, Extremadura came up with a novel way to combat its dwindling community, proving support for the elderly without requiring them to give up their homes


Vandals desecrate graves in Spain’s only German military cemetery

Nine crosses were broken in the Cuacos de Yuste burial site in Cáceres, which was sprayed with the message: “Neither Nazis with honors nor anti-fascists in ditches”

General elections in Spain

WhatsApp: The new weapon in the fight to win over Spanish voters

Ahead of the general elections in Spain on April 28, political parties such as the PP and Vox are turning to the instant messaging service in a bid to reach a wider audience


Spanish train passengers incensed after getting stranded in the middle of nowhere

The 163 travelers from Extremadura had to endure the cold and darkness for hours before being rescued


How Spain’s far-right Vox created a winning social media strategy

The anti-immigration party has more followers on Instagram than any other political group in the country


Spain’s Extremadura region: “No opportunities and no hope”

More than 400,000 locals in the region live on €700 a month while 13,000 have left in the last five years as promises of a better rail connection fail to materialize


“The Chinese would finish the Gran Vía roadworks in 48 hours”

Dawei Ding is the founder of China FM, the first radio station in Europe that broadcasts in Mandarin Chinese 24 hours a day


Lovable pests? Badajoz wonders what to do with all its geese

A public park in this Spanish city is teeming with fast-multiplying fowl, and experts warn there is a health risk


A portrait of Spain’s new poor: “I’ve never bought clothes for my son”

Single mother Lucía Cuesta has struggled to make ends meet since losing her steady job in 2009

Domestic violence

“My mother thanked my brother when he killed my dad”

Artist Ángel Cortés explains the history of domestic violence behind a story that has made headlines across Spain


Zetta: The Spanish answer to the iPhone that was really made in China

Extremadura men suspected of passing off Asian phones as homegrown handsets


The weekend Instagram gave my account to Andrés Iniesta

Namesake of the world-famous soccer player found himself unable to use the photo app


Spain’s rockers rally to help boy wonder guitarist pay music school

Fundraising started after impromptu concert in Madrid guitar store by Pedro González