Spain’s Supreme Court confirms convictions in Gürtel graft case

Justices ratified criminal penalties against 29 members of the corrupt network and upheld the civil liability of the Popular Party


Faced with rising coronavirus cases, Catalonia closes restaurants and bars for two weeks

The regional government is seeking to reduce mobility and social interaction in the northeastern Spanish region in a bid to flatten the curve


Spain headed for record deficit level, according to IMF

The global organization also says the country will not return to pre-crisis unemployment figures before 2026


Spanish airports see 75% drop in passengers over summer due to coronavirus crisis

Quarantine measures required for visitors to Spain, combined with fear of contagion, have led to a record fall in flight arrivals


How a street near a Spanish IKEA store ended up with the name ‘I’m Missing a Screw’

A vote by the public saw the thoroughfare get the unusual moniker, but it is not the only road in Spain to end up with a weird and wonderful designation


Minister’s warning to Madrid government: ‘You can’t play with public health’

The ongoing battles between the two administrations continued last night, with regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso of the PP claiming Madrileños are being ‘held hostage’ by new coronavirus confinements


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El Roto cartoon, October 14, 2020