Barcelona man reclaims art of small talk through free street conversations

Adrià Ballester, 26, sees the act of chatting with complete strangers as a form of activism in an internet-dependent world where face-to-face interaction is becoming increasingly rare


Video: Spanish photographer’s speech on happiness at work goes viral

Pedro Correa’s talk on the importance of listening to your inner voice at a university in Belgium has been seen more than five million times on Facebook


Lottery, logs and lights: What surprises foreigners about Spanish Christmas

The famous Catalan ‘Caganer’ figurine is by far the most-cited festive curiosity by members of the non-native community in Spain


Looking for Lourdes: British ambassador reaches out to long-lost friend

In the hope he might locate her, Hugh Elliott has shared on Twitter the story of how, 35 years ago, a local woman from Burgos gave him food and accommodation


How the term “mena” hurts unaccompanied migrant minors in Spain

The word has been used negatively during the election campaign to criminalize youngsters who, according to the Spanish ombudsman, are “the most vulnerable of the vulnerable”

Spanish politicians

Madrid mayor to schoolkids: “I’d rather donate to Notre-Dame than the Amazon”

The appearance of the Popular Party’s José Luis Martínez-Almeida on a TV show has gone viral on social media, after his answers left children and viewers somewhat surprised


From the ‘Airbnb scam’ to phishing: how to spot fraud when flat-hunting

Learn how to identify the signs of scammers in the Spanish market, who will often advertise properties that seem too good to be true, and will always be in a hurry to close the deal


Video by video: How Rosalía conquered the world in 10 months

The Barcelona-born pop superstar this week became the first female Spanish artist to win an MTV Video Music Award but her success has been a year in the making


Quiz: Can you guess where these cathedrals are located in Spain?

Spain is home to 88 cathedrals but not all of them are easily recognizable. Take this test to see whether you can correctly identify where these 15 can be found


Welcome to Micropolix, Madrid’s capitalist theme park for kids

In this mini-city, children play at being adults: they get jobs, open bank accounts and obssess about money


Spanish grandmothers break stereotypes in gender-bending photo exhibition

A group of senior women, know as the Lideresas of Villaverde, have recreated iconic images from popular culture posing as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and the members of The Beatles

Bullfighting in Spain

Video: What do tourists in Spain think after seeing their first bullfight?

Verne speaks to visitors to the country about their first impressions of the controversial tradition after attending the Las Ventas ring in Madrid

Spanish election 2019

Born in Spain but unable to vote: The red tape faced by children of immigrants

Over 500,000 people cannot vote at the upcoming general election even though they have lived in the country all their lives

Easter in Spain

“No Ku Klux Klan. Spanish tradition”

A pastry shop in Cádiz selling figurines of hooded penitents has decided to anticipate the uncomfortable questions it usually receives around Easter time


Foreign tourist and Civil Guard officer: The many meanings of the word ‘guiri’

While it is commonly used in Spain to describe a certain type of traveler, it has other definitions stretching back to the 19th century and the Carlist Wars


Video showing devastating plastic pollution on Tenerife beach goes viral

A conservationist has captured images of the waste covering the shore of the Canary Island. Currents in the area act as a garbage collector for what washes in from the North Atlantic


“It was the best year of my life”: Former Erasmus students on what could be lost with Brexit

Verne speaks to Spanish alumni who studied in the UK on the importance of the program, which could be at risk if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal

Verne in English

How is the adjective ‘Spanish’ used in other languages?

From torture to deadly pandemics, the word carries a wide range of meanings outside of Spain, often with negative connotations


Why a Facebook post about Spain’s public healthcare system went viral

Expectant mother Eva Castizo wrote that she wanted a symbolic invoice of all the services she had received, to highlight the importance of the country’s free healthcare


Fitting Civil War photos into images of modern-day Madrid

A collection created by Sebastian Maharg mixes striking black-and-white images from the 1936-39 conflict with full-color pictures of their present-day locations


Why can’t Spanish people sing the tune to ‘Happy Birthday’?

As one Twitter user recently pointed out in a viral thread, if you don’t get the first note right of this seemingly simple song, all hope is lost


One woman’s mission to document the Madrid bars that time forgot

On her blog, British journalist Leah Pattem pays tribute to 100 of the Spanish capital’s old-fashioned watering holes, which are slowly closing down or being replaced by franchises


How second-generation immigrants are transforming the landscape of Spanish society

Children born to foreigners are maintaining their connection to their parents’ culture while seeking out references that will help them forge their own identity


How much do you know about the Spanish Constitution?

Test your knowledge with this quiz taken from questions that appear in the citizenship test


Who’s who in ‘Narcos: Mexico’?

The latest season of the Netflix show follows the lives of the members of the Guadalajara Cartel, once the biggest drug empire in the world


Racism in Spain’s rental market: “They asked me what color my parents were”

Experiment reveals that finding a place to rent in Spain is harder if you are not white, with some ads advertising properties “only for Spaniards”


Is it illegal in Spain to insult God and the Virgin Mary?

An arrest warrant has been put out for Willy Toledo, an actor and activist who has attracted a lawsuit from a Christian association over comments he posted on Facebook