Spanish Congress receives a million signatures in favor of euthanasia

In the wake of controversial arrest of man who helped his wife end her life, three citizen initiatives convey popular support for a legal change to decriminalize the practice


The bullfighting class of 2018

Dozens of boys want to be matadors nowadays and are pouring into specialized academies to learn how to survive in the arena


Secrets from an asylum in Madrid: rage, squalor and unanswered letters

Psychiatrists compile book of moving messages by mental institution patients from 1852 to 1952

Gender equality

Spanish #MeToo movement demands justice for victims of sexual abuse

Women’s group Pandora’s Box calls for an end to impunity in sexual harassment cases

Gender equality

#MeToo Spanish-style: Women in arts prepare to speak out about sexual abuse

A group called Pandora’s Box is gearing up to name and shame perpetrators of sexual harassment in Spain


Could this be a lost El Greco?

A private collector from Toledo puts a painting some believe to be by the Greek-born artist on public display


Meals fit for a king: Madrid’s Royal Palace kitchens unveil their mysteries to visitors

Used to feed monarchs on a day-to-day basis for three centuries, these huge facilities are the oldest in Europe to still be so well preserved


A sliver of skull solves seven Civil War crimes

The bone fragment has been identified as belonging to the mother of six children, all of whom were killed at outbreak of conflict


“The prince is dead, the prince is dead!” – Remembering Rubén Darío

Madrid exhibition observes 100th anniversary of the death of Nicaraguan poet and diplomat


One hundred experts criticize state of Córdoba’s monumental mosque

Appropriated by the Catholic Church in 2006, Unesco heritage site is losing Islamic identity

Searching for the truth behind a Civil War atrocity

A pregnant woman and her six children were allegedly murdered at the outset of the conflict A new book reopens the case, in which the victims were supposedly thrown into a cave


Why premature babies in Spain are being deprived of skin-to-skin contact

Just 45 percent of hospitals allow parents 24-hour access to their newborns


Is care for dependents going private?

The government is opting to offer 'service checks,' which could lead to a dual system for rich and poor

When fair trade rags are a scam

Most of Madrid's clothes-recycling bins are put in streets by pirate operations, says consumer organization Charity organizers encourage cautious giving

A mother’s 200-year-old gift to anatomy

Madrid university aims to bring grisly wax models to a wider audience

Two deaths and a closed legal case

Marta Pajarón's family says she refused help for her disabled daughter. Both died alone at home Social workers claim that they have no power to force the issue


“We’re headed back to the Franco era, when people relied on charity”

More people are working to help their less fortunate neighbors. But what is the state doing?


Welfare services swamped as recession cuts deeper into funding

Eight million Spaniards turned to public services for assistance in covering basic needs in 2010


Why the bishops are turning their backs on churches in ruins

Tensions over ownership and maintenance are nothing new


Government cuts to dependency law "most barbaric of all measures yet"

Plans for 15 percent funding slash come after pension loss and budget reductions


Eighty percent of Spaniards believe Church should pay property tax

Survey shows that Catholic institution should pay same levies as businesses and individuals Opinion is shared by 61 percent of people who vote for the conservative Popular Party


Passing on a debt to society: seniors to be charged for their medicines

Pensioners will have to pay up to 18 euros per month under new plan

Only 26 percent of most needy dependents are in care homes

Government plans changes to simplify how dependency is measured


Social services hung out to dry

Central government cuts its contribution, leaving cash-strapped regional and municipal authorities to make do and mend in providing care to the vulnerable

An increasingly female crisis

First the construction crash hit mainly male workers; and now services are crumbling Women are taking a double hit from spending cuts and may lose their employability


Justice Minister condemns “systemic violence” forcing women to abort

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón sparks furious row inside and outside Congress Comments point to PP plans to roll back reproductive rights law

Debt relief to keep the peace

Spain has so far avoided a breakdown in social cohesion But measures to ease the suffering of indebted families may be taking too long