200th Anniversary of the Prado

Goya blows out the candles on the Prado Museum’s 200th birthday

The most ambitious display of drawings by the master to date brings the celebratory series of exhibitions to a close

Freedom of expression in Spain

A head trip round Guggenheim Bilbao with Henri Michaux

Museum pays tribute to the highly original artist, from his early years through his psychedelic period


Will Carmen Cervera’s collection remain at Madrid’s Thyssen Museum?

Still no deal with Culture Ministry covering free-of-charge loan of 429 paintings that expired Monday


Sílvia Pérez Cruz: a free musical spirit who sets her own rules

The 33-year-old has released a new album of songs that are included in a new musical


Prado Museum unravels Goya’s neglected tapestry sketches

Madrid show offers insight into overlooked part of Spanish master’s output


Reina Sofía museum planning Santander headquarters

New branch of Madrid gallery will house private collection of 20th-century art documents

Two decades later, painter Antonio López finishes royal family portrait

Life-size work had to be renamed after King Juan Carlos’s surprise abdication earlier this year


El Greco: a multimedia artist

Toledo is marking the 400th anniversary of the death of the painter with a huge exhibition The collection of 76 works offers a modern-day view of the Crete-born master


All the fun of the fair

Strippers, Picassos and foreign collectors make their mark on Arco 2014


Cabinet approves “Google tax” on use of copyrighted material

Measure included in reform of Intellectual Property Law


The spaces that spawned a thousand Picasso masterpieces

Fundación Mapfre show examines the artist's relationship with his workshop


Government announces plans to slash sales tax on works of art

Cut in VAT rate to 10 percent could be followed by similar measures to promote culture


All looking up at the Prado

The museum's latest addition is a spectacular medieval coffered ceiling Donated by the Várez Fisa family, it depicts dragons, bear hunts and busty maidens


“Silence is relegated to religion”

Essayist Ramón Andrés fine-tunes his eclectic themes in a Barcelona convent


Shedding new light on Islamic creativity

Seville hosts an ambitious exhibition on illumination in Arab art and science


The homecoming

The Prado's fall show features seven Velázquez portraits sent to the Austrian court 350 years ago


Surreal Madrid

Two shows celebrate the art movement in the capital, paying special attention to works by women


Spanish cinema: in the red

Film Protection Fund will be unable to meet owed subsidy payments in 2014


The triumphal return of Velázquez

Faced with budget cuts, the Prado opted for a show featuring the museum's star artist The result, rather than being a reorganization of his works, breaks new ground


Spain plans prison terms for providers of pirated web content

Administrators of download-access sites may face up to six years

Big Exhibitions

Dalí, and the other visionaries who drive art crowds crazy

A Reina Sofía exhibition dedicated to the surrealist master has been a phenomenal success The sell-out show begs the question: what makes some artists smash-hits with the public? Moreover, should a museum be judged by the number of tickets that it manages to sell?


Giacometti’s slim pickings

Fundación Mapfre offers new view of sculptor's work


Painting his way to the future

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is hosting a Camille Pissarro exhibition It is first devoted to the pioneering father figure of Impressionism to be held in Spain

New changes to intellectual property law unlikely to please

Websites that publish links to copyrighted content could soon be the target of legal action


Beyond reality

Gijón exhibition reflects on the effect of technology on human relations


Drawing on Spain’s diversity

Prado hosts treasures from the British Museum’s trove of Spanish illustrations