Greta Thunberg in Madrid: “I hope world leaders grasp the urgency of the climate crisis”

The teen activist arrived on Friday and made a surprise visit to the COP25 summit before heading out to a news conference and a protest against global warming

Travel in Spain

Let it snow: Spain’s ski season kicks off in style

Spanish resorts and those in nearby Andorra are offering lots of exciting innovations on and off-piste

Spanish politics

In Spain, divided parties find common ground in defense of the Constitution

On 41st anniversary of the landmark document, the main political groups have agreed to put off reforms in order to protect it from Catalan separatists and the far-right Vox


¿Qué? podcast, S03E10: Scuffles in Congress and Spain’s ‘narco-submarine’

This week we discuss the antics inside the lower house when newly elected lawmakers were sworn into their roles, and how a submersible with 3,000 kilos of cocaine on board was caught in Galicia


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 6, 2019


Suspect admits chopping up body of Spanish woman but may avoid prison

Jorge Ignacio Palma claims Marta Calvo died from a heart attack after she took cocaine, and might only be fined for irregularly disposing of the corpse


Looking for Lourdes: British ambassador reaches out to long-lost friend

In the hope he might locate her, Hugh Elliott has shared on Twitter the story of how, 35 years ago, a local woman from Burgos gave him food and accommodation