Spain’s new education law hampered by lack of consensus

Congress on Thursday approved a bill that the political right has vowed to fight tooth and nail, in a replay of the discord triggered by seven earlier reforms


Early study in Spain shows school reopenings have not led to increased coronavirus spread

A preliminary analysis for the EU by a research group at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia suggests that safety measures may be preventing significant transmission among students


Nearly 3,000 classes in Spain forced to quarantine since beginning of school year

The number represents just 1% of the total, but has led to problems for thousands of families struggling to balance work with looking after children in isolation


As schools reopen in Spain, how will the coronavirus affect the youngest students?

Educators and parents are divided over the benefits of sending preschoolers to class amid a nationwide resurgence of Covid-19 cases


Face masks and class ‘bubbles’: Spain prepares plans for a safe return to school

But regional officials say the central government's coronavirus guidelines for social distancing are impossible to observe due to space shortages


Spain issues new guidelines for safe return to school in the fall

Distance between students is reduced from two to one-and-a-half meters, but classrooms may accommodate no more than 20 children


For Spain’s youngest students, no going back to school this academic year

Regional education chiefs reject recommendations by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to open up classrooms for children up to six years of age when Phase 2 of the deescalation plan goes into effect


Spanish government considering limiting class sizes to 15 students

Education Ministry and regions are planning a mixed model of online and on-site teaching, but the sector is calling for more resources


Spain’s universal pass plan for students runs into regional rejection

Madrid, Murcia, Basque Country and others say they disagree with the central government's proposal to make up for the negative impact of the school closures due to the coronavirus crisis


Spanish students to get a passing grade due to coronavirus confinement

Education officials will let teachers award varying grades depending on performance during the first two terms


Spain reports its first coronavirus death

Infections push past the 200 mark while Israel announces that travelers from Spain and other countries will be quarantined


Spanish Erasmus exchange students leave Italy amid coronavirus fears

Many Spaniards have returned home to avoid being trapped if a quarantine is declared in the affected areas


Spanish farmers stage fresh demonstrations in protest at low prices for their products

Hundreds of tractors took to the streets of Valencia and Córdoba on Friday, with protestors unhappy at the practices of major distribution chains


Why Spain’s farmers are up in arms

Across the country, agricultural organizations are planning street action to draw attention to the precarious conditions of nearly one million businesses


Heaven or hell? The declining state of Valencia’s La Albufera natural park

Lack of water, pollution from urban and industrial waste, unsustainable hunting and climate change are threatening the freshwater lagoon and estuary in the east of Spain


Why Spain’s courts are becoming a stage for violence

In addition to the lack of security, many old courthouses make plaintiffs and defendants wait in the same area, which can lead to severe altercations


Suspect admits chopping up body of Spanish woman but may avoid prison

Jorge Ignacio Palma claims Marta Calvo died from a heart attack after she took cocaine, and might only be fined for irregularly disposing of the corpse


Spain continues to have one of the worst levels of English in Europe

A new study places the country in 25th spot on a list of 33 European states with respect to its proficiency in the language

Gender equality

Spanish region to ban gendered school uniforms

The initiative from the Valencia regional government will ensure that no student will be “forced to wear a skirt because of their sex”


A year after the ‘Aquarius’ sea rescue operation, migrants rebuild lives

Over a period of six months, Spain took in 1,000 people who were stranded in the Mediterranean while other EU countries turned them away. These are some of their stories


How a failed “inland sea” project made this Spain’s most debt-ridden village

Vallada is home to just over 3,000 people but is saddled with up to €37 million in debt thanks to a ruinous scheme put forward by the former mayor


Woman who died after eating at Michelin-starred restaurant choked on own vomit

A preliminary report has revealed the cause of death of the 46-year-old woman, who, along with 28 other people, became ill after a meal at the Valencia establishment RiFF

LGBTQ+ Rights

Valencia doctor performs pioneering sex change surgery in 17 hours

The Spanish medical team created a man’s body, a process than can take up to 10 years, in under a day


Valencia backtracks on plan to ban cremation of very obese bodies

Concerned about the air pollution created by a practice that is in growing demand, regional authorities have come up with a list of measures to curtail emissions from incineration


Why sculptures based on 2,600-year-old Greek ceramics are shocking Valencia

An outdoor exhibition by Antoni Miró is causing a stir in the city, with some parents saying the erotic artworks should not be visible to children


The “perfect crime” in Valencia that saw Daddy Yankee lose €2 million

The Reggaeton star behind the hit ‘Despacito’ saw the contents of his safe looted last week after thieves passed themselves off as members of his entourage