Spanish students to get a passing grade due to coronavirus confinement

Education officials will let teachers award varying grades depending on performance during the first two terms


Opposition blames government for ‘turning Spain into a mortuary’ during question and answer session in Congress

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Deputy PM Pablo Iglesias avoided being dragged into the mudslinging, and repeated their offers for a cross-party agreement to rebuild Spain after the coronavirus crisis ends


Spanish firm that spied on Julian Assange tried to find out if he fathered a child at Ecuadorian embassy

Owner of the security company watching the diplomatic building ordered a baby diaper stolen in a bid to find DNA


Daily coronavirus deaths in Spain fall to 523, with slight rise in rate of new infections

The death toll since the outbreak began now stands at 18,579, with confirmed cases reaching 177,633


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 15, 2020


Spanish government adds more experts to task force preparing deescalation of confinement measures

The group is working on the assumption that changes to the situation will have to be introduced from April 26, when the current state of alarm ends


‘I’m a radiologist, but here I’m just the house cleaner’

Hundreds of foreign doctors and nurses in Spain are eager to help fight the coronavirus, but are unable to contribute because they lack the necessary paperwork