As cold sets in, Spanish schools face dilemma: leave windows open or risk coronavirus contagion?

The safety protocols negotiated between central and regional education authorities make no provisions for the drop in temperature, and some students are forced to sit near wet, drafty spots


For Spain’s youngest students, no going back to school this academic year

Regional education chiefs reject recommendations by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to open up classrooms for children up to six years of age when Phase 2 of the deescalation plan goes into effect


Spain’s universal pass plan for students runs into regional rejection

Madrid, Murcia, Basque Country and others say they disagree with the central government's proposal to make up for the negative impact of the school closures due to the coronavirus crisis


Spanish students to get a passing grade due to coronavirus confinement

Education officials will let teachers award varying grades depending on performance during the first two terms


Spain receives its worst ever science results in PISA test

Spanish students scored below the OECD average, ranking on the same level as pupils from Lithuania, Hungary and Russia


Spain has lowest annual mortality rate in the EU

In 2016, there were 829 deaths for every 100,000 people, far below the average of 1,002


Screened out: The Spanish teens hooked on technology

In Spain, one in every five people between the ages of 10 and 25 suffer from behavioral problems related to video games, cell phones and other digital devices


Catalonia fights socioeconomic segregation at school

Authorities warn about the existence of “ghetto schools” where more than half of all students are foreign-born


Madrid to introduce free public daycare from 2019

Nearly 9,000 children up to three years of age are set to benefit from the measure, which will be applied in 68 centers


Why Spain’s bilingual schools are full of teachers with poor English skills

The sector has grown so quickly there are not enough trained professionals to meet the demand


Could this program stop children from believing in gender stereotypes?

Female professionals are visiting schools in Spain to inspire young girls to pursue careers in science and technology


Facebook seeks multilingual staff for a new center monitoring harmful content

Barcelona rumored to be the host city for the external company, as control strategy becomes a priority for the social media giant


Memorize or innovate? Cambridge’s Spanish faculty members compare methods

Educators at the prestigious British university criticize learning model used in Spain’s public institutions


The homeschooled Spanish prodigy headed for a British university

Leonel Virosta’s case highlights problems gifted children face within Spanish education system


“The traditional method of teaching English isn’t working”

Project-based language learning method with focus on culture is tested in Spain’s Catalonia region


Spanish professor: “At Harvard, no question is ever considered stupid”

Madrid-born academic José Manuel Martínez compares the Spanish and US education systems


Looking for a job in Spain? Start by forgetting the employment pages

Networking is 80% of the work, say the experts who advise graduates on kick-starting their careers


The Cambridge English exam: to sit or not to sit?

When it comes to learning English, expert opinion varies on the benefits of focusing on a qualification


How I got hired at Google Spain – and it wasn’t with a tech background...

EL PAÍS talks to people at the company’s Madrid HQ with little knowledge of computing


“Anybody who is reasonably smart can make it in Silicon Valley”

Adeyemi Ajao, cofounder of Tuenti, discusses life among the California tech set


How to set up a food truck in Spain

Becoming a mobile food vendor may be a challenge, but the trend is still growing


Madrid goes in search of its leitmotiv

Visitor numbers are down in the Spanish capital Experts say the city has yet to find a coherent identity to present to the outside world


Keeping 'chufa' rooted on the sidewalks of Madrid

Three shops in the city are still making traditional 'horchata'