Trump’s exit from Iran nuclear deal: an epic mistake

What the US president cares about the most is the fact that the deal was signed under Obama


Colombian student manages to record tutor while he sexually harasses her

The video shows how the director of a master’s program gropes and tries to kiss one of his female students, who was not the only woman to suffer such abuse

Game of Thrones

How a Sevilla soccer match is a source of some serious Game of Thrones spoilers

Members of the cast of the hit HBO show were in attendance at the Real Madrid game on Wednesday, revealing where the plot might be headed in the upcoming final season

Miscarriage of justice

How a honeymoon turned to horror at Madrid airport for this Spanish couple

Newlyweds’ romantic trip was brought to a crashing end after husband was arrested by customs officers on arrival in Spain


Why Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera is mistaken

The decision by the politician to withdraw his party’s support for Article 155 is untimely and opportunistic


Court battles and deadlock: In Catalonia, a familiar situation unfolds

Spanish tribunal suspends reform allowing Carles Puigdemont to be remotely sworn in, while support for direct rule wavers



Ros cartoon, May 10, 2018


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 10, 2018


Memorize or innovate? Cambridge’s Spanish faculty members compare methods

Educators at the prestigious British university criticize learning model used in Spain’s public institutions