Colombian student manages to record tutor while he sexually harasses her

The video shows how the director of a master’s program gropes and tries to kiss one of his female students, who was not the only woman to suffer such abuse

“No professor,” she says to him repeatedly in the video. The recording was made by Lizeth Lorena Sanabria, a master’s student at the National University of Colombia, and the professor in question was her tutor, who, after “offering her his advice,” insists on kissing her and touching her behind. Sanabria had managed to sneak a camera into the office of the professor, Freddy Alberto Monroy, to be able to report him for sexual harassment.

The video shows how Monroy uses academic excuses to get close to her. As he puts his arm on her shoulder and tries to kiss her again and again, she can be seen trying to pull free. He hugs her again, she gets up, says goodbye, but he continues to insist on touching her, and places his hands on her bottom. She tries to get away from him and tells him repeatedly that she has to go.

I made the video so that this wouldn’t happen to anyone else Student Lizeth Lorena Sanabria

“I made the video so that this wouldn’t happen to anyone else,” Sanabria explained in an interview with the Colombian national radio station W Radio. She had decided to change tutor, but after having spoken to a colleague, she realized that she had not been the only one to suffer abuse at the hands of the academic, so she decided to continue to attend Monroy’s tutorials so that she could report him.

It was not the first time that he had sexually harassed her, but fear had stopped her from reporting it before. Sanabria described the ability that the professor had to gain the trust of his female students. “He would show a lot of interest in their work, he spent time with them,” she explained. Once his female students trusted him, the abuse would start. He began saying to Sanabria that she should behave well, that he had done things for her, and suggested they go somewhere more private. He did the same thing with another student, who also described the harassment she suffered in an interview with W Radio.

The university released a statement signed by the dean condemning the harassment

“He did me a lot of damage, I thought about not returning to the university,” the young woman confessed. After obtaining proof, she filed a complaint at the university as well as reporting Monroy to the public prosecutor for sexual harassment.

The university released a statement signed by the dean condemning the harassment suffered by the student, adding that the appropriate disciplinary measures were being taken against him. At no time was Monroy’s expulsion discussed, prompting students to organize a protest to demand he be sacked and to call for the university to take measures against harassment.

The letter signed by the dean of the university condemning the harassment.


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