The Spanish family wrongly accused of child pornography due to a mistake reading a date

An alert from a US organization followed American month-day-year usage, but this was misread by investigators in Spain. As a result, four people went through a nightmare situation


Horse meat meant for a Spanish zoo was sold for human consumption

New revelations in an ongoing investigation into an international criminal ring show that some of the shipments tested positive for listeriosis


38 years later, a mysterious murder could be about to be solved in Spain

A German-born writer who is now 74 will stand trial for killing a young woman and her unborn child after DNA tests allowed investigators to identify an unclaimed body


“They have robbed us of a life with our granddaughters”

Spain’s High Court has ordered the Justice Ministry to pay two grandparents €50,000 in damages for failing to protect their right to see their grandchildren


Spain’s Supreme Court rules out rebellion charge against Catalan separatist leaders

While the ruling is not expected until next week, legal sources said the 12 defendants will not be convicted of the top charge they were facing over the 2017 breakaway bid


The Tax Agency insider who helped defraud foreign sports players of €6.3m

The scam, which was run by three lawyers, involved filing fraudulent claims for rebates in the names of high-profile sportsmen who were residents in other countries


Spain opens investigation into suicide of former Venezuelan oil chief

Márquez Caberera, who held a top post at PDVSA under Hugo Chávez, was found hanging from his own belt just days after agreeing to cooperate in a money laundering probe

Road safety

Spanish police to have powers to check cellphone calls of drivers involved in crashes

The new measure will, however, only be available with a court order, and will not permit officers to carry out on-the-spot checks

Miscarriage of Justice

How an imposter ruined the life of an Indian immigrant in Spain

Balwant Singh lost his job and residency permit after a criminal assumed his name on a failed breathalyzer test


The innocent Spanish fisherman who got cast as a criminal

Tomás Martínez speaks bitterly about the year he spent in jail after being wrongly accused of belonging to a drug gang in the south of Spain


“Who is going to dare to take the step to report abuse in the Church now?”

The man who was contacted by the pope after he wrote to him about the sexual assaults he suffered at the hands of Catholic priests breaks his silence in an interview with EL PAÍS

Barcelona terrorist attacks

“This is the venom we are going to give the enemies of Allah”

Footage made by jihadists who killed 16 people last year reveals that they were planning bigger massacre


New Catalan premier to be investigated for hate speech

Prosecutors analyzing years’ worth of offensive statements by Quim Torra, who is being sworn in today

Miscarriage of justice

How a honeymoon turned to horror at Madrid airport for this Spanish couple

Newlyweds’ romantic trip was brought to a crashing end after husband was arrested by customs officers on arrival in Spain

Catalonia terrorist attack

Judge probes death of Barcelona terrorist who was shot down by police

Suspect was wearing fake bomb belt when he ran towards Catalan officers after killing 16 in August 2017


Spain hands Germany new proof to support rebellion charge against Puigdemont

Prosecutors met in The Hague to exchange evidence that includes videos showing episodes of violence


Spanish prosecutors to supply Germany with more evidence against Catalan ex-premier

The meeting with German legal representatives is aimed at finding ways to ensure Carles Puigdemont is extradited back to Spain in order to face charges of rebellion

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan secessionist leaders could be barred from office by March

Supreme Court seeks to stop Puigdemont and aides from gaining power before rebellion trial begins

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan police planned to burn evidence of diversion of €3 million to separatists

Judge says officers were set to incinerate documents showing alleged misuse of federal rescue funds

Referendum in Catalonia

Civil Guard raids Catalan government offices, arrests 14 over illegal referendum

Sympathizers rally in downtown Barcelona to protest, while regional premier calls emergency meeting


Scandal-hit head of Spanish soccer federation mocked judicial wiretaps

But Ángel María Villar, arrested Tuesday on corruption charges, was not aware of scale of investigation


Head of Spanish soccer federation arrested on corruption charges

Ángel María Villar, his son and other senior officials taken into custody and offices searched


Six held in joint counter-terrorism raid in Spain, Britain and Germany

Four suspects arrested in Palma de Mallorca over ties to ISIS; UK-based imam was their spiritual leader


Calls for Spain’s anti-corruption chief to quit over his Panama firm

Manuel Moix admits partial ownership of offshore company that owns luxury property outside Madrid


Nicaraguan duped woman into buying love nest… then moved in with his wife

Madrid court mulls seven-year jail term for Spanish resident who wooed Australian woman online


Leading Spanish electricity firm Iberdrola accused of manipulating prices

Anti-corruption prosecutor says electric utility hatched plan to “illicitly” make €20 million


Ex-regional premier of Madrid arrested in major anti-corruption operation

Ignacio González is one of 12 people held over shady financial activities at region’s water company