Four dead, 10 missing from migrant boat found adrift near Melilla

Rescue services took 55 survivors to the Spanish exclave city, where the holding center is over capacity


38 years later, a mysterious murder could be about to be solved in Spain

A German-born writer who is now 74 will stand trial for killing a young woman and her unborn child after DNA tests allowed investigators to identify an unclaimed body


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 27, 2019

Drug trade

Coke float: Spain’s Civil Guard salvages the ‘narco-submarine’

Two crew members were arrested when the vessel, which is thought to be carrying 3,000 kilos of cocaine, was left to sink near the Galician coast last Sunday


After years of bitter battles, Uber adds traditional taxis to Madrid travel options

The ride-hailing company says this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial collaboration following years of confrontation between both sectors