Madrid’s Barajas airport under lockdown: A parking lot for 175 planes

Activity at the facility has been reduced to a minimum due to the coronavirus crisis, with daily passenger numbers falling from 170,000 to as little as 500


Madrid starts using ice rink as morgue for coronavirus victims

The army’s Emergency Military Unit will be in charge of transferring the bodies to the center and guarding them until they are removed for burial or incineration


After years of bitter battles, Uber adds traditional taxis to Madrid travel options

The ride-hailing company says this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial collaboration following years of confrontation between both sectors


Man detained in Madrid after posting “upskirt” videos of 555 women online

The 53-year-old Colombian was using a rucksack with a specially positioned cellphone to record the footage, targeting women in public places such as the Metro and supermarkets


Man arrested for racist attack against black woman in Madrid: “Slut, go back to your country”

The victim, a Spanish national from the Dominican Republic, says she was called a “piece of shit,” hit and spat on while traveling on a bus in the center of the capital


Man kicked in front of Metro train in Madrid

Police have arrested a Brazilian suspect for causing the unprovoked attack against the 23-year-old, who survived by flattening himself against the platform’s overhang


Two wildfires threaten Guadarrama National Park

Eleven helicopters, three airtankers and 35 firefighting brigades are working to put out the blazes, which broke out on Sunday afternoon


Madrid Gay Pride takes a stand against the far right: “Not one step back”

Members of the center-right party Ciudadanos were abused for its association with Vox, which is pushing to roll back LGBTQI rights


Wildfire in Madrid and Toledo razes 3,300 hectares

A team of 450 firefighters and military emergency personnel was battling the blaze, which was exacerbated by strong winds and high temperatures


Spanish women arrested after reporting to police that their hitman had ripped them off

The bizarre series of events unfolded in Madrid, after a mother and her daughter sought to put a contract out on a man who had swindled them out of €60,000


British soccer fans arrested for assault, theft and masturbating in public

Arrests were made over the weekend after thousands of Liverpool and Tottenham supporters descended on Madrid for the Champion’s League final on Saturday


Spanish police find Irish woman missing in Madrid since May 9

Martha Osaro disappeared along with her twin sister Mary after they went out in the central neighborhood of La Latina to celebrate their birthday


Meet the real-life superhero helping sick kids in Spain

Police officer Eduardo Balboa del Cid talks to EL PAÍS about why he spends his free time entertaining children in cancer wards and in palliative care


False alarm: Knife-wielding man on Metro revealed to be expert ham cutter

A video of the passenger sharpening his tool went viral on social media, with many concerned he had dangerous intentions

Historical memory

Vandals desecrate graves of Spanish Republican heroine and Socialist Party founder

Civil War monuments, including those commemorating the “Thirteen Roses,” were also vandalized in Madrid’s La Almudena cemetery


Madrid taxi drivers call off strike without achieving their objectives

The stoppage, which began on January 21, was aimed at pressuring the regional government into regulating VTC vehicles, used by ride-hailing services such as Cabify and Uber


When partying gets out of control: Spanish police overwhelmed by outsized fiestas

Events involving large crowds of youths are increasingly ending in reports of assault, theft and even rape

Disaster prevention

Madrid prepares to confront radioactive emergencies

The region is the first without a nuclear plant to draw up a contingency plan


Spanish police expecting 500 violent fans for Boca-River final in Madrid

A hooligan leader was sent back to Argentina after landing at Barajas for Copa Libertadores match


Violent graffiti artists overrun subway stations in Madrid and Barcelona

Groups of young vandals orchestrated a series of attacks on trains over the long weekend, spraying paint in the faces of two police officers and a pregnant woman


Man left seriously injured after being hit by massive ball at Madrid fiestas

Victim taken to hospital by helicopter on Sunday, after suffering head injuries in Mataelpino, which ditched bull runs eight years ago and began its own curious tradition


Three taxi drivers arrested in Madrid as strike continues

Sector is awaiting the outcome of a meeting this afternoon between national and regional authorities


Taxi strikes to continue across Spain after talks with government fail

Government offer to transfer licensing powers to regional authorities will only extend the problem to 17 regions, say taxi representatives


Police identify mystery body at bottom of Madrid hospital elevator shaft

The victim is a 68-year-old resident of the Vallecas district who left a note behind for his family


Police stumped by discovery of body at bottom of hospital elevator shaft

The man was seen on security cameras at Madrid’s La Paz using a master key to open the lift door. No one has yet come forward to report a missing person


Understaffed police say security cannot be guaranteed during Madrid Pride

Municipal law enforcement agency says more officers are needed after receiving numerous reports of assault and robbery


Political fallout continues after rioting in Madrid’s Lavapiés neighborhood

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena brushes off criticism from within own party as freedom of expression