When faking your own death to get out of catering a wedding is not fraud

Madrid court finds two entrepreneurs not guilty after they lied to a couple about their supposed demise and kept the fiancés’ money


Catalan pro-independence activists block highway for 15 hours

The grassroots group also tampered with toll barriers to demand separatist leaders in pre-trial detention be released from prison


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 10, 2018


66 bridges in Spain have serious safety problems, ministry admits

The figure represents 0.29% of nearly 23,000 structures built on roads managed by the Spanish state


Civil servant arrested for leading major drug gang in Campo de Gibraltar

The City Hall worker was one of 47 people caught in a sweeping narcotics bust in the south of Spain

Disaster prevention

Madrid prepares to confront radioactive emergencies

The region is the first without a nuclear plant to draw up a contingency plan