Spanish police find Irish woman missing in Madrid since May 9

Martha Osaro disappeared along with her twin sister Mary after they went out in the central neighborhood of La Latina to celebrate their birthday

Photo of the twin sisters shared by missing persons network SOS Desaparecidos.
Photo of the twin sisters shared by missing persons network SOS Desaparecidos.

Spanish police have located a young Irish woman who went missing along with her twin sister on May 9 in the Madrid neighborhood of La Latina. Martha Osaro, 26, was found in good health on Tuesday, according to a Twitter message posted by the missing persons support group SOS Desaparecidos.

Martha’s twin sister Mary was found a day earlier, also unharmed, but according to a video posted on Facebook by their older sister Jennifer, she was “very traumatized.” The family has declined to share more details about where or how Mary was located.

The twins were last seen together on Thursday, May 9, when they went out at night to celebrate their birthday in La Latina. Their older sister Jennifer decided to report them as missing on Saturday at 1pm at a police station in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán. Police officers opened an investigation to locate the women.

Mary later appeared unharmed, according to sources from the Spanish police. She was located in a hospital, but no further details are known. In a video shared on Facebook, Jennifer explains, “I cannot disclose the information of how I found her or where I found her, I can tell you now from the feedback I got from where I found her, she was very traumatized.”

I can’t trust anyone

Jennifer Osaro, older sister

In the video, which briefly shows an image of Mary, Jennifer adds, “I can’t trust anyone [...] It seems that some people are holding information about where Martha Joan Osaro is and they don’t want to communicate that information to me.”

Spanish police worked with the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) on the investigation to find the twin sisters. Police shared photos of the women on the website of the missing persons association SOS Desaparecidos and on social media.

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