Spanish army asks NATO for international assistance to fight coronavirus

With the infection rate now surpassing Italy's, the government will extend the lockdown until April 12


Spain’s coronavirus victims rise by 514 in a day, with 2,700 dead and nearly 40,000 infections

“This is the tough week, when we are all waiting to see if the measures we have adopted will take effect,” says health chief


Pollution in Spain falls to record lows amid coronavirus lockdown

The concentration of nitrogen dioxide in Madrid and Barcelona has dropped significantly since the Spanish government declared a state of alarm last week


Madrid starts using ice rink as morgue for coronavirus victims

The army’s Emergency Military Unit will be in charge of transferring the bodies to the center and guarding them until they are removed for burial or incineration


Spanish prosecutors launch investigation after bodies found inside senior homes

Workers say protocols prohibit them from touching corpses and complain funerary services are taking 24 hours to show up


Coronavirus is spreading faster and further through Spain than in Italy

Unlike the Alpine country, where 80% of deaths were in the same three regions, in Spanish territory there has been an accelerated rise in cases in regions that had not previously been affected


The Spanish illustrator who dissects politics for ‘The New York Times’

Pablo Delcán translates complex ideas with simple brushstrokes, be it for the prestigious magazine, a Sigur Rós concert poster or a Nabokov book cover


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 24, 2020