Foreigners buying up property in Spain like never before

British citizens made the largest number of purchases in the first half of 2018, followed by the French and Germans


Spain moves to ban pseudo-therapies from universities and health centers

Government says they “negatively affect health by perpetuating illnesses, causing others, or even increasing the risk of death”


The “Wikipedia narco” gets 15 years for smuggling cocaine into Spain

Alicante court finds notorious dealer Brian Charrington – alleged to update his entry on the online encyclopedia – guilty of shipping 192 kilos of drugs from South America


It wasn’t the caravan or the economy, it was the women

While Trump was busy frightening supporters about an imminent refugee invasion, American women were getting out the vote for women candidates


The innocent Spanish fisherman who got cast as a criminal

Tomás Martínez speaks bitterly about the year he spent in jail after being wrongly accused of belonging to a drug gang in the south of Spain


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 14, 2018


What hides beneath the Virgen de Regla sanctuary in Chipiona?

The cellar under the current church has been identified as a 1,300-year-old place of worship for the Visigoths