Tourism in Spain

Tourist arrivals in Catalonia see 13.9% year-on-year fall in December

Spain broke its tourism record in 2017 with 81.8 million visitors, but the last month of the year saw the first fall since 2013

Spain 40-40

Jean-Claude Juncker: “Nationalism is the real war”

At a forum organized by EL PAÍS, the president of the European Commission warned of the rise of the far right, pointing to Austria and Bulgaria as examples


A reality check for the leaders of Catalan independence

Rulings of the Supreme Court and the weakened position of Carles Puigdemont are seeing the cracks in the pro-secessionist movement grow


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 1, 2018



Ros cartoon, February 1, 2018

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan secessionist leaders could be barred from office by March

Supreme Court seeks to stop Puigdemont and aides from gaining power before rebellion trial begins


The hidden geography under the Strait of Gibraltar

New study on the movement of currents can help gain a better understanding of climate change