International relations

Ecuador seeks mediation over “unsustainable” Julian Assange situation

Wikileaks founder has been in London embassy of South American nation for nearly six years


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 9, 2018

Sexual discrimination

Schweppes and modeling agency face fines over Barcelona Open miniskirt scandal

Companies accused of sexual discrimination for forcing models to wear uniform in cold, wet weather



Ros cartoon, January 10, 2018


Damages awarded to thieving cashiers who were secretly filmed by employer

Human rights court in Strasbourg finds Spanish supermarket violated right to privacy of staff

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan independence icon Artur Mas steps back from political front line

Former premier denies decision to resign as president of PDeCAT party linked to current drift of affairs

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan police planned to burn evidence of diversion of €3 million to separatists

Judge says officers were set to incinerate documents showing alleged misuse of federal rescue funds

The New Arrivals

The many lives of a Latin American refugee

Luis Hernando Redondo describes life on the run from Colombia to Venezuela to Spain