Catalonia due to approve weekend confinement of municipalities

The regional government wants to limit movement between areas from 6am on Friday to the same time on Monday. The region’s borders will also be closed

DIADA 2020

Catalonia Day celebrations highlight divisions between separatist parties

Events were scaled back due to Covid-19 concerns but were still attended by 59,000 people, according to one estimate

DIADA 2020

Covid-19 concerns reduce scale of Catalonia Day celebrations

Pro-independence association ANC defends the need for the public events despite a call by the Barcelona Medical Association to cancel them


Catalonia adopts more restrictions as Covid-19 cases surge

The regional government has confined the Segrià ‘comarca’ without detailing the measures, while L’Hospitalet has limited movement in three neighborhoods


With over 100 coronavirus outbreaks, more Spanish regions make face masks mandatory

Regional authorities are taking charge of controlling surges while the central government rules out a new state of alarm


Jailed Catalan separatist leaders may be placed in more flexible prison regime

The assessment boards of three jails have unanimously agreed to pass on the inmates’ request to move to Grade 3, which would mean they only have to spend the nights of Monday through Thursday behind bars


Spain passes decree aimed at combatting standstill in justice system due to coronavirus crisis

Minority government secures backing for a plan to streamline procedures after lockdown creates a mounting backlog of cases


Catalan premier seeks to further independence cause during coronavirus crisis

Quim Torra’s regional government has been criticizing Madrid’s handling of the epidemic on a daily basis, and promoting the idea that an independent Catalonia would have handled the situation better


Catalan authorities confine 70,000 residents of four municipalities in bid to slow coronavirus infections

The measures affect the Barcelona towns of Igualada, Vilanova del Camí, Santa Margarida de Montbui and Òdena, and will be in place for at least two weeks


Catalan talks start with three hours of “therapy” about the origins of the crisis

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and regional premier Quim Torra were present at the first negotiations on the future of the region this Wednesday


Spanish PM meets with Catalan premier ahead of talks on region’s future

“Dialogue is the path,” says Pedro Sánchez after a 90-minute encounter with Quim Torra in Barcelona


Catalan premier announces snap election amid dispute over role as deputy

In a surprise institutional statement, Quim Torra said the date will not be set until the regional budget is passed in parliament


Jailed Catalan leader speaks in parliament on Article 155: “It did nothing to stop us”

Oriol Junqueras, who is serving a 13-year sentence for his role in the 2017 breakaway bid, appeared at an investigation commission into the suspension of the Catalan government’s regional powers

catalan independence drive

Catalan premier challenges regional parliament by refusing to give up seat despite ban

Quim Torra got his Together for Catalonia party to abstain from the day’s voting after the speaker warned him that his own vote would not be counted


Spain’s Foreign Ministry approves reopening of Catalan ‘embassies’

The move marks a change in strategy on the part of the central government, and comes after dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona over the relevant decrees


Catalan premier promises elections if he is removed from his role

Quim Torra is awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on an appeal against his ban from public office, which was handed down after he was found guilty of disobedience


PM, Catalan premier agree to meet to lay out groundwork for Catalonia talks

A day after being sworn back into office, Pedro Sánchez calls Quim Torra and states that he has “the sincere will to try to sort out the political conflict” in the northeastern Spanish region


Spain’s electoral officials vote to remove Catalan premier over disobedience ruling

The regional parliament has rejected the decision, describing it as a “coup,” while Quim Torra says that sovereignty resides in the Catalan chamber


Catalan separatists give green light to new Socialist government in Spain

The national council of the Catalan Republican Left has agreed to abstain at the investiture vote of Pedro Sánchez, who will likely become prime minister once more on Tuesday


Spain’s King Felipe begins new round of meetings with party leaders

After another inconclusive election, the Socialist Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Pedro Sánchez, says he will only submit to a congressional vote if he has enough support


Spanish Congress convenes, but how long will it last?

The newly elected members of Congress and the Senate are being sworn in today, but after the last parliament lasted just seven months, there are doubts that the ongoing stalemate can be resolved


Grassroots members of Catalan Republican Left back plan to negotiate with PSOE

Participants in the poll were asked whether the pro-independence party should reject the investiture of caretaker PM Pedro Sánchez if there is no prior deal for talks over the situation in Catalonia


Catalan leader condemns violence, calls for meeting with Spain’s PM

Regional premier Quim Torra said on Tuesday that he wants to hold “dialogue with no conditions” that leaves the door open to a new referendum


Pedro Sánchez on jailed Catalan separatists: “No one is above the law”

The caretaker prime minister has promised to uphold the Supreme Court ruling, which has divided Spain’s main political parties


Speaker in Catalan parliament: “Today we have all been convicted”

Key figures from the independence movement – including those found guilty in the trial – have been swift to react to the Supreme Court ruling


On referendum anniversary, Catalan independence groups call for mass civil disobedience

During events to mark two years since the region held an illegal referendum on secession, premier Quim Torra states that the republic will be achieved “democratically and peacefully”


On referendum anniversary, Catalan separatists prepare for civil disobedience

Political parties and citizens are planning protests against what they expect to be an adverse decision by the Supreme Court on the fate of the leaders of the 2017 breakaway attempt