Catalan parliament blocks Spanish PM’s choice for Senate speaker

Miquel Iceta received 25 votes in favor, 65 against and 39 abstentions despite warnings from Pedro Sánchez that vetoing his pick would hurt the spirit of dialogue


Spain’s PM to Catalan separatists: Blocking Senate choice is to block spirit of dialogue

Basque nationalists also express puzzlement at decision by independence parties to veto Catalan Socialist Party’s Miquel Iceta as speaker of the upper house


Spanish court lets newly elected Catalan lawmakers leave jail to take office

But all five, who are on trial for the 2017 secession bid, must return to prison after the opening sessions of parliament on May 21


Catalan pro-independence protesters burn photos of Spanish king ahead of Mobile World Congress

Felipe VI opened the leading trade show in Barcelona by praising Spain’s democracy, which has been criticized in the wake of the Supreme Court trial against 12 separatist leaders


Protests against budget cuts intensify in Catalonia

Health professionals, university professors, students and civil servants protested in Barcelona Thursday


Podemos chief meets with jailed Catalan independence leaders to discuss budget

Pablo Iglesias visited Oriol Junqueras and other separatist figures as he tries to garner support for the government’s economic plans


Spanish government to Catalan leader: “We don’t accept ultimatums”

Following violent incidents in Barcelona, Quim Torra gives Madrid a month to come up with an offer for an agreed referendum on independence


Roadblocks and protests on first anniversary of Catalan referendum

Separatist premier Quim Torra urges activists to keep up the street pressure against the state


Torra: “We will not resign ourselves to rulings that would bring more pain”

Catalan premier talks about impact of the upcoming trial of regional politicians over independence bid


Attorney general weighs in on row over yellow ribbons in Catalonia

The regional government wants to prosecute anyone removing the symbols – which represent support for jailed pro-independence leaders – from public spaces


Barcelona pays tribute to the victims of last year’s terror attacks

After a similar event in 2017 saw boos and whistles aimed at the king and the prime minister, today’s ceremonies passed by almost without incident, and mostly in silence


Authorities seek to avoid tensions during Barcelona terror attack memorial

Both the Spanish government and City Hall have been working to ensure scenes from last year are not repeated, after the PM and king were booed and whistled at during demonstration


Catalan premier offers three ports for ‘Aquarius’ migrant rescue ship to dock

Quim Torra tweets offer for 141 migrants on board to be brought to region, but the central government in Madrid will have the final word


Spanish PM and Catalan premier meet in Madrid for first time in two years

Aides to Pedro Sánchez and Quim Torra admit that the path to a long-lasting collaboration is fraught with difficulties


New Catalan government sworn in, paving way for suspension of direct rule

New regional premier Quim Torra turns ceremony in Barcelona today into homage to the politicians currently in jail or who fled Spain to avoid arrest


Quim Torra sworn in as Catalan premier with no mention of king, Constitution

Representatives from the central government refuse to attend “intimate” ceremony, due to disagreement over its format

Crisis in Catalonia

Investiture vote called for hard-line Catalan separatist Quim Torra

Catalonia may see a new premier voted in by Monday, albeit a controversial one, more than 100 days after the snap election results plunged the region into more political chaos


Catalan deadlock affecting not just politics, government workers warn

Spending projects on hold as politicians fail to produce new leadership before fresh election must be held

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan parliament approves Puigdemont’s “right” to be premier

Separatists back resolutions defending “political rights” of politicians in custody or self-imposed exile


Madrid prepares for prolonged control over gridlocked Catalonia

Central authorities had been hoping that a new regional government would in place by now


Ousted Catalan premier withdraws bid to be voted back into post

In video address from Belgium, Carles Puigdemont proposes a jailed candidate and vows to fight the Spanish state


Catalan separatists want to create symbolic institutions in Brussels

Ousted premier Carles Puigdemont would head Council of the Republic and spread the independence message abroad


In symbolic motion, Catalan parliament supports referendum and ousted leader Puigdemont

Text is approved by separatist majority at a tense session reflecting deep divisions in Catalan politics


Catalan separatists toy with new premier; Madrid calls him non-viable

Jailed independence activist Jordi Sànchez could soon be the new candidate to lead the region


Spanish government plans to end “Catalan-only” school language policy

The region’s controversial system could be altered by Madrid as part of its takeover of regional self-rule

crisis in catalonia

Separatists rally behind Puigdemont’s bid to become Catalan premier on Tuesday

But Constitutional Court sets tough conditions for legal appointment, and voices of dissent are heard

catalan politics

Madrid exploring ways to stop Puigdemont from being reinstated

Rajoy’s worst-case scenario involves appointment by video link or proxy, followed by court cancellation