Ousted Catalan leader calls for ‘democratic rupture’ after ban from public office

Quim Torra described the Supreme Court’s decision as a “coup” and urged separatist parties to stay united ahead of a regional election in the coming months


Catalan leader finds scant support for calls for new independence referendum

Quim Torra was met with near silence in the regional parliament on Thursday, after suggesting a repeat vote on secession from Spain, and even laying out a provisional schedule


Catalan premier comes under pressure for response to violent street protests

Quim Torra has been criticized for not doing more to stop the unrest, which erupted after the Supreme Court sentenced nine separatists to prison for their role in the 2017 breakaway attempt


On Catalonia Day, separatists vow to keep working for independence

Political division partly explains the lowest turnout in years at the Barcelona march on Wednesday


Ousted Catalan premier Puigdemont beats separatist rival at European elections

The politician, who is living in Belgium after fleeing Spain, won 28% of the vote, while Oriol Junqueras obtained 21%


Spain’s PM to Catalan separatists: Blocking Senate choice is to block spirit of dialogue

Basque nationalists also express puzzlement at decision by independence parties to veto Catalan Socialist Party’s Miquel Iceta as speaker of the upper house


In escalation of tension, Catalan police charge against protesters storming parliament

Violent activists broke through security cordons at the end of a peaceful pro-independence march in Barcelona


Barcelona rally conceals divisions among pro-independence groups

The two parties running the Catalan government cannot agree on the best strategy toward secession from Spain


Catalonia has a new premier, but for how long?

Quim Torra say his term of office will be transitional, and Madrid has to make decisions on direct rule


Ousted Catalan premier withdraws bid to be voted back into post

In video address from Belgium, Carles Puigdemont proposes a jailed candidate and vows to fight the Spanish state


Catalan separatists toy with new premier; Madrid calls him non-viable

Jailed independence activist Jordi Sànchez could soon be the new candidate to lead the region

catalan elections

Ex-officials in Brussels hold key to separatist majority in Catalan parliament

Separatist bloc needs other party members to fill their vacant spots in regional chamber for key votes

catalan elections

The new leading parties in Catalonia’s shifting political landscape

In a deeply divided region, Ciudadanos and the Catalan Republican Left seem to be taking over

Catalan elections

The false election promises of the Catalan pro-independence parties

The challenge for pro-secession groups has been how to win over voters after recent failures


Anti-independence parties close to victory in Catalan election: poll

But results suggest more political uncertainty is on the cards for Catalonia

Catalan elections

Poll hints at separatist-unionist tie in hotly contested Catalan election

Campaign race for December 21 features jailed and self-exiled candidates, and highly motivated voters

Catalan regional election

Just a quarter of Catalans want to continue with current secession strategy

Weary voters step back from hard-line independence tactics, according to Metroscopia survey for EL PAÍS


Ex-Catalan premier refuses to accept removal from role by central government

Speaking via a recorded message broadcast on regional channel TV-3, Carles Puigdemont calls on citizens to put up “democratic opposition” to Article 155

Catalan independence

Madrid to remove all Catalan officials who refuse to comply with the law

Regional premier faces choice of declaring independence or calling snap election before losing control

Catalan independence

Catalan government seeks to buy time with mediation

The regional executive wants to block attempts to see its powers stripped by Madrid

Referendum in Catalonia

With referendum looming, thousands take to streets for Catalan National Day

Despite tense political climate ahead of illegal referendum, attendance at La Diada march down from previous years

Referendum in Catalonia

Most Catalans consider referendum neither valid nor legal, says new poll

Mestroscopia survey for EL PAÍS shows that same percentage of respondents want the regional government to switch to a new negotiation strategy


Prosecutors take action against Catalan officials after referendum law passed

Constitutional Court also reminds mayors of their duty not to cede public space for October 1 vote

Catalan independence bid

Spain’s PM to Catalan secessionists: “Stop walking toward the abyss”

Spanish government deploys raft of legal measures to nullify planned October 1 independence referendum

Support for Catalan secession

Over 60% of Catalans reject unilateral declaration of independence

But figure rises to 67% if process were to take place without full parliamentary debate

Politics and media

Catalan secession law will allow for press control during referendum

Speaking in Madrid, regional premier Carles Puigdemont calls on central government to “negotiate”


King calls on Socialist chief to try to form a majority government

Pedro Sánchez says he will speak with “the right and the left” in bid to break stalemate