Excess deaths in second wave: 11,000 victims since July

The number of unexpected fatalities calculated by the National Statistics Institute in Spain is double the official coronavirus death toll. The total is nearly 59,000 since March


What do the coronavirus data from August tell us about the new spread of the virus in Spain?

The summer has already seen a second wave of infections, hospitalization and deaths in the country


Coronavirus crisis in Spain: data from 10 regions shows rise in cases and hospital admissions

After a months-long downward trend, the country is now reporting more than 1,000 new infections a day, while outbreaks have been detected across the territory


The problems Spain’s outdated data methods have caused during a 21st-century pandemic

The Spanish government has proved incapable of supplying clear and accurate figures about the coronavirus epidemic


Six Spanish provinces saw twice as many deaths during Covid-19 crisis as in a normal year

Excess fatalities since March were highest in Segovia, Madrid, Guadalajara, Ciudad Real, Soria and Albacete


Spain’s excess deaths during coronavirus crisis reach 43,000

New figures sent in by civil registries show an additional 12,000 fatalities in Catalonia, the Madrid region and Castilla-La Mancha


Antibody study shows just 5% of Spaniards have contracted the coronavirus

Preliminary findings of the survey reveal that over 90% of infections have gone undetected by the healthcare system

November 10 General Election

Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the repeat Spanish election?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each block


Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the 2019 local election in Spain?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each street block


Zipcode check: How did your neighbor vote in the 2019 Spanish election?

Here is a detailed interactive map of the results of Sunday’s poll, down to each street block


How did your neighbor vote in the 2016 Spanish election?

This map provides a detailed look at which political parties won in each census section in Spain

Living in Spain

What is causing the steady exodus of children from downtown Madrid?

Families with kids continue to abandon the heart of the capital as prices rise along with tourist numbers


Spain’s far-right party Vox takes its anti-immigration message to Madrid

Leaders are holding rallies in low-income towns with large foreign populations in the hopes of replicating their recent success in Andalusia at upcoming elections


Zipcode check: Which are Spain’s richest and poorest areas?

If you live in the country, use our interactive calculator to find out the average salary in your vicinity, based on 2016 figures from the Tax Agency


Has Spain swung to the right?

Andalusians have changed not so much their ideas as their voting priorities. And the priorities are now Catalonia and immigration, both of which are cornerstones of Vox’s platform


Book co-written by Spanish PM contains paragraphs from a diplomat’s speech

Official government sources have put the coincidence down to an “involuntary error” by Pedro Sánchez, one that will be put it in order “as soon as possible”


It’s not about the undecided voters, it’s about hidden abstention

The real issue is how many people who said they would vote end up staying at home instead

Catalan Elections

Down to the wire: our final prediction of Catalan election results

EL PAÍS used sophisticated statistical model to forecast vote and seat distribution after December 21


Anti-independence parties close to victory in Catalan election: poll

But results suggest more political uncertainty is on the cards for Catalonia


The waning power of Podemos and its leader Pablo Iglesias

Anti-austerity party has been slipping in polls for months, partly due to its approach to Catalan separatism

Catalan independence

Income and origins sway support for independence

The majority in favor of breaking away from Spain are established Catalan families with high incomes


“When I grow up, I want to be like Zara founder Amancio Ortega”

Thousands of Spanish teens have named their role models in a survey with surprising answers


Madrileños vote on new Plaza de España, but not all happy with process

Ballot to choose redesign for central park area derided as an expensive farce by opposition


Gender inequality in Spain’s street names

There are three times more roads named after men than women in Spain’s biggest cities


From Trump to Podemos: just what is populism?

Brexit and the US elections have revived a confusing concept